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How to get CHUWI Ubook for free?

                How to get CHUWI Ubook for free?

1.campaign date:From now 9:59(EST) on Jan 31th
2.Subscriber to the newsletter:Sign up via one of the subscription box
3.Share on SNS:Share this activity page to at least 3 friends along with tagging CHUWI socaial media accounts
4.Winner announcement:After the CHUWI Ubook campaign on Kickstarter goes live, we will randomly draw out one winner and publish the winner's name on our FaceBooks.The winner can get one CHUWI Ubook for free
We will send the prize when crowdfunding starts shipping

*Note:CHUWI reservers all the rights regarding this avtivity

More Info are below:

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Magnificent, I'm aiming to get this great tablet and be able to review its performance because the design is already spectacular
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