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Hi10 Air and HI9 Plus USB booting

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Hello, I have been told that with HI10 Air it is possible to boot it from an USB using F7 in booting time. Question is: Does this imply that the keyboard is a "must" and one should have it connected to be able to boot from an external USB or is it possible to use some of the buttons the tablet has to switch to the connected USB pendrive boot?
My question is that it could be an idea for having that Windows tablet being able for booting from another O.S: (current Android-X86 project or a future supported Android?) but without the "must" of having the keyboard connected.

Going to the HI9 Plus, Android based. Is it also possible to boot from a connected USB pendrive? Also using F7? Also the keyboard has to be connected or can any of the tablet buttons used to do the trick?.
The idea is very similar, but in this case it could be a pendrive with a Windows installed, as I have read that the MTK6707X processor the HI9 has supports Windows and this O.S. provides drivers for it.

Thanks for your help.

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You have several topics opened by the forum on this issue, I do not know what you want to do. What do you need Windows and Android in a single tablet? The dual boot tablets are out of stock in almost all stores.

To start from a Hi10 Air USB you need to have a keyboard, it does not matter, whether it's the official one or a wireless one via USB. Bluetooth does not work.
You will need a Hub to charge the Tablet at the same time you have an wireless keyboard, or USB connected, not all the Hub in the market to load the Tablet.

HI9 Plus. Android starting from a USB? I never saw that that was necessary. I do not think that's possible.
Windows with Mediatek processor will not work for you.

Your headaches will be over when you buy Hi10 Air and Hi9 Plus. :)I think it will be better to have two tablets than to do the inventions that you have in your head. Although if you want to investigate further, do a backup of the Tablet before.


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Hi, thanks for your answer.
Both worlds (Android and Windows) have their own goodies, so, this is the reason I am looking for the possibility of having access to both of them without the need of spending twice the cost of a tablet or to have to go with two devices, even being smallers than my smartphone.... On the other hand, dual boot tablets not only are out of stock, but I have been told that there is no plans for their short-term future because Z8350 does not support Android newer than 5.1, which is very outdated and the manufacturers do not want to build a tablet with such an old and almost not supported O.S.

HI10 answer is very clear, it seems that I need to have a keyboard

I already did a search in the forum looking for the answers that I, sometime ago already had read, but I was not able to find them now.

So, let come back to HI9 Plus. As far as I know, it is not the Android which would boot from a USB pendrive, but the tablet BIOS or its equivalent if it exits, so, this is still my question, would the HI9 do a boot from an USB pendrive.

Regarding Windows and Mediatek, I have read Windows runs on Mediatek processor, particularly on the one that HI9 Plus has, maybe it will not go as it does on an I5 Intel processor, but it seems it can. Question is if it would be able to do with the remaining architecture of the HI9.... ?????

Thanks anyway.

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