Lanzarotechris Publish time 5-4-2019 04:13:48

Chuwi Hi9 Plus is missing a manual

I really miss a manual for my Chuwi Hi9 Plus Phablet. It took me a while to find out things by myself because there is no information anywhere to find.
For example: How do I move my data from the internal memory to the (formated and encrypted and recognized) SD card ?
The Phablet itself I really like. Works fine, no hick-ups, no waiting, nice screen...
But setting up things is a PITA. If someone has a link or source where to find some kind of manual how to do things it would be appreciated.
Or is that Android-related ?

manonegra222 Publish time 5-4-2019 13:51:21

The operating system installed is Android stock, so you should use an Android manual not from Chuwi
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