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Chuwi Hi10 Pro fateful update

Although my problem is with a tablet Onda v919 Air 3G DualBoot (I also have 2 Chuwi Hi10 Pro) I know the case of someone with a Chuwi Hi10 with the same problem.
Let me explain, a few days ago the updates of W'10 were installed and the last one was the update of the 1809 version to the 1903. It was installed (or so I think), it was restarted and the screen was completely blacked out until now. The tablet turns on (but in black) and charges. I have tried:
- key combination Power + Vol + and Vol-
- boot from a usb with W'10
- boot from a usb with Hiren's Boot
- connect it to an external monitor
- I've searched Google without success (in Spanish, because I can barely understand it in English)
All without success. I can not think of what else to try. I'm sure the tablet is still operational, but I can not see anything on the screen, I can not access the dual boot or start the bios.
As I said, it has also happened with a Chuwi. Does anyone have an alternative?
Thank you and regards.

manonegra222 Publish time 5-11-2019 11:14:13

I totally do not know how the Onda works, but as you say, there has been some similar behavior with Chuwi after a Windows update.
In these tablets that were left in black screen was enough to connect them to a screen through the HDMI port and it did see the Windows startup screen.
With the help of said screen, it is enough to update the screen driver so that everything returns to normal

Xoseba Publish time 5-19-2019 02:22:28

Thanks @manonegra222 for your answer.
The Wave v919 Air 3G DualOS is a clone of the Ipad Air 2. The only connection it has is the charger, which is Micro Usb. I have seen that there are Micro USB to HDMI cables, but I have read that in many cases they have not worked. I do not know if there is a universal cable for this or you have to use an adapter. At the moment I have searched the pages in English in Google because I do not know English. I'll keep looking and if you can think of any other idea, thank you.
Thanks and regards.

manonegra222 Publish time 5-19-2019 07:08:19

Xoseba replied at 5-19-2019 11:22
Thanks @manonegra222 for your answer.
The Wave v919 Air 3G DualOS is a clone of the Ipad Air 2. The...

If you do not have HDMI output, you can not have the connection for the external screen, but what you do have is the possibility to start Windows from a Windows 10 pendrive downloaded from the Microsoft page, with it on and pressing F7 intently until it comes out the boot selection menu and choosing the USB in that menu.
Once you get to the start menu of the Windows installation program, in the advanced tools menu you should look for the boot in safe mode and, starting in safe mode, change the driver in the device manager.

Xoseba Publish time 5-22-2019 11:22:45

Thanks for your answer. Tested without success. I do not know if there is any kind of cable connection between tablet-table, tablet-pc, ... I'll keep looking.
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