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[Vi10 Ultimate] Micro SD card woes

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Nikojiro|Post time:1-3-2017 04:17:19 View:4664|Reply:21

fffdddooo| Post time 10-24-2016 08:11:41 | Show all posts
Nikojiro replied at 4-14-2016 02:47
It seems to be a driver issue, as I can read 64Gb and 128Gb cards, but it is very unstable, and neve ...

Are you sure the driver is updated?  I have the same problem and Windows report driver date 2006-06-21.... seem a XP driver.
I'm searching for a updated driver
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audioqube| Post time 1-3-2017 04:17:19 | Show all posts
Deliforo replied at 4-30-2016 14:50
Hi everyone I am Spanish, sorry for my English.
It seems that many of us with the same problem.
I th ...

I agree, chuwi IS completely absent an IS not able to manage Windows machines at gall. Don't buy chuwi Windows computer !!!
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