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I need BIOS after LCD replacing

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Outdated|Post time:11-20-2016 15:57:55 View:1357|Reply:3

Hi everybody.

First of all this tablet was a present and i don't know if it's Vi8 or Vi8 Plus, it have microHDMI port and is Dualboot. Said that, LCD screen was accidentally broken (of course tablet is out of warranty) and replaced for a new but now only works backlight.
With broken LCD I can see windows working (only an upper triangle) and I left without charging like 30 days or so until replacement arrived. After change LCD I press ON button, backlight and heat in the processor becomes but no graphics neither sound.
I've readed that changing BIOS version usually fix this but I don't know what version install neither how to install without screen. One thing more, tablet seems like no charging when OFF and only a few minutes charging with red light when is ON, its very strange.

If any Guru can help me I'll appreciated, data bellow:

Vi8 Model: CWI506
64Intel 1.83GHz Max.
SN: Q32G22150601531


MFY080.021.1322-39 0

Thanks in advance.


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thopv| Post time 6-3-2016 06:19:53 | Show all posts

I dont think flasing BIOS may solve the problème because after replacing the LCD, my tablet works normaly (same model like yours).
Check the lcd cable to make sur it fit to the mainboard connector and the new lcd to see if it is broken or not (because of the replacement operation).

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thopv| Post time 6-3-2016 06:30:39 | Show all posts
For the charging problem, check the electronic circuit on the battery, it may be short circuit
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kenthazar| Post time 11-20-2016 15:57:55 | Show all posts
My chuwi Vi8 is the model: CW1501 (Q32G22141205776) and my lcd has crashed. I can not find the correct lcd for the tablet, where can I get it?
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