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kwisi|Post time:4-12-2019 19:24:15 View:1710|Reply:7

Edited by Techdragonz at 5-7-2017 18:27

Hello Admin, The  registration procedure in this forum is very "hard" for beginners, you can only post here if you select an avatar, the selection is in chinese language and it's not clear that u just must press F5 after upload Avatar. Maybe u can change that so more users can post. Greets

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Wichu| Post time 3-12-2018 19:55:46 | Show all posts
You have forgotten to precise that matter is built with Adobe flash. Many browsers lock this plugin and some don't even show the square (i.e. Mozilla).
And even less with browser for tablet.
I finally succeeded 'to see' with Internet Explorer, on a PC.
- Do call me ‘witch oooo’ (With you) -
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admin| Post time 5-4-2016 19:08:53 | Show all posts
Hello, kwisi

Thanks for your feedback. We will change language from Chinese to Englsih as quickly as possible. please forgive any inconvenience caused!

Here i will give some translate pictures from Chinese to English, hope it will help someone who will has same problem.

"选择图片“ is ”select an image" "拍摄照片“ is ”take a photo“

“返回重新选择” is “Back”“确定” is “OK”

“上传成功” is "successed"; "完成“ is ”Finished"

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hawkinspeter| Post time 5-7-2016 02:31:31 | Show all posts
I had trouble with that. I wanted to upload an image, but I think it gave me an error (that I couldn't read), so I ended up using the camera instead. If I'd seen this post, it would have been a lot easier for me.
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elfodda| Post time 10-23-2016 15:28:13 | Show all posts
where is probleme about registration
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emily| Post time 10-24-2016 23:51:40 | Show all posts
elfodda replied at 10-23-2016 15:28
where is probleme about registration

What problem do you have?
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doodzilla| Post time 2-19-2017 16:24:10 | Show all posts
I recommend using google chrome browser. It automatically translates any website.
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Lanzarotechris| Post time 4-12-2019 19:24:15 | Show all posts
Any solution for non-explorer users (like firefox) on how to change the avatar picture ?
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