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God Awful Wifi

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ribuck|Post time:8-11-2017 01:02:35 View:3116|Reply:13

DigitalMD| Post time 5-26-2016 19:02:17 | Show all posts
Chuwi  didn't make the wifi. The chipset is a commonly used set found in millions of computers. My Hi 12 runs WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously with no problems. You either got a lemon
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ribuck| Post time 5-27-2016 08:06:29 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Normally I would agree but it seems that lots of other people also got wifi lemons. I bought mine from amazon so I'll just send it back for a refund as I give up trying to resolve the WiFi issue and me venting frustration here won't help.
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jumprope| Post time 8-10-2017 06:57:27 | Show all posts
Gang, I was have the intermittent wi-fi issue on my Chuwi Hi12 and it was driving me bananas.  Nothing I did would fix it, and I had resigned myself to resetting the wifi whenever I needed it to work.  Then, this summer, I was traveling and noticed that one hotel's wifi was not dropping!  Hmmm.  Dug around some more and it turns out that being a security-minded fellow, I was using a security protocol that was too intensive for the poor Hi12.  

- On my main router I was running WPA2 Personal (PSK) + AES under Shibby Tomato.
- I daisychained a second router on a new subnet, and enabled WPA Personal (PSK) + TKIP

Result: no dropping!  WPA + TKIP isn't as secure, but at least the Hi12 can handle it.

I will crosspost this to a couple threads as it does seem to be the solution.  Sadly my version of Android on this device still won't keep wifi active in sleep mode, but at least now the connection is not dropping every 5 minutes.
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mercu| Post time 8-11-2017 01:02:35 | Show all posts
You are using Android and that's the problem. If you would have used Windows 10, then you could have easily plugged in one of these:

And you would have gotten at least 5 times stronger wifi signal!

I use one of these myself and I have no problem to get wifi signals, like at all.

If you want to go for the extreme, you can plug in one of THESE instead:

Probably the strongest you can get! And yeah, never use bluetooth, there is no need for bluetooth.
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