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lag on surfing web

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snow7ecn0|Post time:1-26-2018 12:06:41 View:1079|Reply:4

hi, on my hi10 with only firefox open, ram is on 2.2gb. when I open amazon, facebook or youtube, page lag. It's a chipset video problem?


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GodYeahChuwi| Post time 8-5-2016 03:57:12 | Show all posts
I surf on the net everyday. And i do not notice any lag.
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snow7ecn0| Post time 9-10-2016 01:28:45 | Show all posts
I try to use edge/firefox (chrome need much ram) but when it charge page, it need more time than normal smartphone/pc. If I open a video in youtube .... it's the end... in hd there's many lags to full screen...
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Chuddywoody| Post time 9-10-2016 08:42:14 | Show all posts
You should not get lagging. Unusual problem are you opening to many tabs? Try clearing browser history and closing tabs.
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smoke0man| Post time 1-26-2018 12:06:41 | Show all posts
i have the same problem with @snow7ecn0  
i clear my browser history. but nothing
i have the problem in twich or in videos in general..
if y want look my pic of my task manager  
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