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Hi12 Standby problem

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okigo|Post time:8-21-2017 22:17:45 View:7716|Reply:42

Motobot| Post time 7-17-2017 16:30:08 | Show all posts
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technisol replied at 7-17-2017 22:59

I'd say 2% total battery drain over the course of 8 hours, or 1/4% per hour is GREAT compa ...

Hi technisol,
I think such a perfect result was likely due to the fact that the initial charge of the battery was 13% before falling asleep. With this low charge, the power saving mode was turned on.
Recently I re-tested again, but starting at 86% battery level. This time, the battery drain rate was 7% for 12 hours of sleep.
Technisol, I think we are lucky to get a tablet on the z8300, on which the sleep mode can work correctly. Disabling hibernation is the only thing that you should do by executing the command at the command prompt as Admin.
  1. powercfg h off
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As it turns out from discussions in the Russian forum, Chuwi Hi12 tablets on z8350 fall asleep incorrectly. Users complain that devices do not wake up. This problem occurs on Hi12 z8350 with BIOS versions 234 and 236. Unfortunately, there is no other BIOS that solves this problem.
As for Windows install, I would recommend waiting for Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3), which will be released very soon.
Windows 10 Creators Update Click
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technisol| Post time 7-19-2017 10:19:54 | Show all posts
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I have left Hibernate on in Powercfg so that Fast Startup is still available, turning it off seems to deactivate Fast Startup at least on the powecfg list one gets by entering powercfg /A...  I have my power schemes set to never hibernate.  Figured it was probably the better compromise.

My initial test the other night seemed to indicate somewhere between 1 - 2% drain per hour as I had originally observed, but it was a relatively short 5 hour test and with the granularity of the battery % indicator not really conclusive, but close enough to my original 2% per hour tests...

So I wondered what I had initially missed, and discovered I had simply either told Win 10 to leave the WiFi on in Sleep or one of the Windows Updates had...  More likely I was in a hurry and didn't thoroughly check initial settings when I got my new Hi12.  Off it went!  (I set "When my PC is asleep and on battery power, disconnect from the network" to ALWAYS, now!  I don't download much on the Hi12, so can't really see sleep mode shutting off Wifi as being much of an issue, suppose I could set it to "When I close the Lid" if it becomes an issue.)

I charged to 100% and just completed a 35 hour test(!) at which point it had dropped to only 89%...  So 11%/35 hours of sleep = .3142857143 % per hour...  Not too bad!  I wouldn't have bothered relaying an answer of that precision for so granular a percentage meter, but it was so close to a perfect multiple of 10 of pi as to make me laugh at the little cosmic joke that it must be!

As you say, the power saving mode may have had something to do with your results, but I'll "settle" for a drain of about 7.5% a 24 hour day vs. say 48%!  I'm certainly going to worry a lot less about leaving it on in sleep mode during the day and take full advantage of not having to wait for it to boot just to show a client a PDF file!  I can easily deal with 3-4% of drain on even a long work day, vs. 24% for say 12 hours.

Now, of course, I'm wondering if I'd get any more out of it by also selecting, "Save me power when my device knows I'm away."  Not sure exactly how that setting behaves unless it more quickly enters a deeper sleep level when inactivity is detected. (OTOH Powercfg /A seems to indicate S0 is the only supported sleep mode anyhow...)  Time to Google for an answer.
EDIT: It looks like this setting may enable Hibernation?  If so, it does make one wonder whether this setting or the Power Plan or powercfg settings take precedence?  Leave it to M$ to make things even more convoluted as they introduce features with no background or obvious explanations provided...  It's a wonder M$ doesn't get sued for making all users bald by pulling out their own hair!

At any rate, thanks for posting and getting me off my butt to see if I could do better.  I'm quite pleased with the initial results and hope that the new Z-8350 owners get a proper BIOS to help with their issue.
PS. I did notice that my hardware Windows "Touch key" on the bezel seemed a bit wonky after coming out of sleep, and had to turn bluetooth off and back on to get my keyboard working correctly as it seemed to want to repeat letters a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt...  ;-)  Other than that a pretty good performance.

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kentin08| Post time 7-21-2017 23:41:52 | Show all posts
I also have this standby problem with my hi12 Z8350.
I think the problem comes from the driver intel graphic, because no problem with android. And when you uninstall intel graphic driver, the basic graphic driver works.

When the display is set to standby, it is impossible to wake it up. After several reinstallation of windows, nothing solves this problem.
If anyone has a solution idea!
Thank you in advance.
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technisol| Post time 7-23-2017 19:19:52 | Show all posts

20 hours sleep on 4% of battery capacity!

Edited by technisol at 7-23-2017 19:20

Just a quick(quick for me?) update...

Because of a Windows 10 Insider's Ring update which didn't complete properly(locked up on reboot and startup  of a new version and I ended up with an install I could log into, and out of by clicking the power button, but nothing after logging in, just a blank screen.  Tried to sneak in the back way and fix it, and finally gave up thinking a fresh install would be a good idea after a year plus of updates anyhow...) and I couldn't manage to repair from within Windows 10, so I ended up installing Moto's Windows 10 Creators Update package which I can report went extremely smoothly!

Nice work, Motobot!  Smooth as silk!  (Anyone having trouble needs to RTFM!  His install instructions seem to cover a lot of ground with various types of setups supported...  Again, very well done.)

After the Near Nuke and Pave(Android still where it belongs), and Moto's Update, I again had a working, if somewhat empty of applications, Windows 10 machine complete with necessary drivers, optimized touch settings, etc!  THANKS, Motobot!  I re-installed some apps and let it update.  Now, on to the point of this post.

After the fresh install I made sure Win 10 was set to not hibernate in Power settings, but Hibernation was still available via Powercfg, Wireless was set to turn off in Sleep, etc. and did a 21 hour test of sleep.  After 20 hours I had used only 4% of battery capacity, so about 1/5% or .2% per hour!  In all fairness, I continued the test for another hour and still saw only 4% consumed at 21 hours, but after only a minute or so of being on it dropped to 95%, so somewhere between 4 and 5% consumed seems fair.  Even so, at 5/21 it's still only about .238% per hour at most...  so somewhere between about 22 to 26 maH assuming a 10,000 to 11,000 ma battery capacity, pretty decent low power consumption I'd say.

Best of luck to the new X5-Z8350 owners towards getting their sleep issues resolved, but it does seem one can get the original Chuwi Hi12 to perform reasonably during sleep mode.  Power consumption, at least in my current testing, seems to be much higher with wireless left on, to the tune of about 7-8 times higher!  Can't believe I missed shutting that off in the first place, perhaps at the time there was noise about wireless issues when coming out of sleep?  Works fine now.  YMMV.
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Rain44| Post time 8-12-2017 08:30:30 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I notice that it won't wake from windows if I have chrome or clip studio open when it sleeps. Only those 2 apps. Other apps are fine and will wake easily. I have the z8350
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Motobot| Post time 8-12-2017 09:20:53 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 8-12-2017 20:26
Rain44 replied at 8-12-2017 19:30
I notice that it won't wake from windows if I have chrome or clip studio open when it sleeps. Only t ...

Hello Rain44,
Unfortunately, all Hi12 tablets on z8350 with BIOS version 236 have the same problem with sleep mode. You should ask Chuwi to release a new version of BIOS to solve this issue. They either don't know about the presence of this problem, or pretend that they do not know this.
By the way, the old versions of the tablet on the z8300 do not have this problem at all.
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ac0935p| Post time 8-21-2017 05:46:23 | Show all posts
Edited by ac0935p at 8-21-2017 22:45

Hello everyone

I have been suffering with this problem since my new Hi12 arrived and it applied its first updates.  After many happy (!) hours playing around with settings, I now have a simple and fully functioning solution.  I went through all sorts of hoops updating drivers to latest intel versions, disabling sleep and hibernate.  Nothing seemed to work.  
So I went back to first principles.  What's the simplest driver I can get to support the screen and does it work?

Here's what I did:

  • Reset the Power Scheme too default values using control panel -> power options -> change plan settings -> Restore default settings for this plan
  • Uninstall Intel driver update (using Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program)
  • Uninstall Intel HD Graphics driver (using Control Panel -> Uninstall a Program)
  • Connect your keyboard !!!Important!!!
  • Uninstall the currently installed device driver (devmgmt.msc -> display adapators -> Intel HD Graphics -> Properties -> Driver -> Uninstall Device !!!Also check Delete the driver software for this device!!!   This means the driver will be removed from your device
  • Screen goes blank, on your keyboard press "Y" (or whatever Yes is in your language) to trigger the reboot
  • Device reboots
  • Screen should come on
  • Login and check your screen device driver.  I found mine installed "Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor" (or something like that).
  • Afer a short while, your device will start to install another driver.  If you end up with version Intel HD Display driver version - that's the one you want
  • If you end up with another version repeat from step 4 (you have an instance of another, later version, this will remove it).
  • Eventually you get to Intel HD Display driver version (even will cause problems!!!)
  • Now disable updates to drivers (temporarily) Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Hardware -> Device Installation Settings -> Click No. -> Click Save Changes

As long as I keep installed, all my windows power problems have gone away.  I have just discovered this troubleshooter that seems to allow me to prevent the updates to the display driver being applied.  I am going to try it out and will let you know how I get on.

To re-enforce my current status - I have had NO screen on problems for 48 hours with perfect waking from short-term sleep and longer-term hibernate everytime.
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Motobot| Post time 8-21-2017 08:48:07 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 8-21-2017 19:52

Hello ac0935p,
Thanks for the detailed report.
Unfortunately your method cannot be considered acceptable, because you abandoned the Intel 3D driver and got the basic Microsoft driver, which can not work in 3D.
You got a clipped video system on your tablet now.
I think that you can not treat the disease with such methods, turning a patient from one partial disability into another.
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Rain44| Post time 8-21-2017 21:03:29 | Show all posts
Motobot replied at 8-12-2017 09:20
Hello Rain44,
Unfortunately, all Hi12 tablets on z8350 with BIOS version 236 have the same problem  ...

Thank you motobot. Is there any settings in the bios that can be changed as a remedy? Still no bios update
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ac0935p| Post time 8-21-2017 22:17:45 | Show all posts
Edited by ac0935p at 8-21-2017 22:42
Motobot replied at 8-21-2017 08:48
Hello ac0935p,
Thanks for the detailed report.
Unfortunately your method cannot be considered accept ...

Sorry if I was not clear - I have updated my original post to clarify the end result.  With my method you end up with the Intel HD Display driver version, NOT the Microsoft Basic Display Driver - that's simply a stepping stone to getting back to the right version. The Intel driver is installed at step 10 over the top of the MBD.  By uninstalling device in step 5 you move from whatever version of Intel Windows has updated to back to the stable

It is true that I ran for a while with the MBD, but it never actually switched the screen off, so that was not acceptable.  In any case, the machine automatically installed the Intel driver over the top of MBD.  I reiterate the importance of the version.
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