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[Vi10] [Official Version] Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Windows, Driver, Bios Download

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admin|Post time:3-11-2018 23:15:56 View:13534|Reply:32

Chrizze| Post time 3-10-2018 11:04:51 | Show all posts
Ok, thanks. Touchscreen is now working.
But, the screen rotation is not working, Device Manager does not recognize the Bosch Accelerometer. I tried the drivers in the downloaded official driver lib, but Windows don't use them? And I can't get the device manager to recognize the drivers for the accelerometer. Thus screen rotation is not working now...

Do you have any alternate drivers that might work for this?
I live in Sweden!
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Chrizze| Post time 3-11-2018 10:45:41 | Show all posts
Edited by Chrizze at 3-11-2018 10:52

I now got it all working! Here's how I did it.

1. Downloaded a clean Windows 10 x86 (32-bit) ISO (You can find a good one here).
2. Downloaded Rufus 2.18 (For making USB-stick) (Download from here)
3. Formatted a 8 gb USB-stick (With these settings,  Partition:GPT, File system: FAT32, Cluster: Default, Fast Format, Make bootable with Windows 10 ISO)
4. Plugged the USB stick into Chuwi, and started it while pressing F7 on keyboard to enter Boot options, boot from USB stick.
5. Make a full clean install of Windows 10, wipe all partitions and disks on tablet.
6. Copy Drivers folder from this link to the tablet (Make a Drivers folder).
7. Press Windows key + X and find Device Manager.

8. Double Click all Unknown Devices and update drivers from the tablets 'Drivers' folder (or folder where you copied files in step 6).
9. Open Control Panel and find Windows Update., connect to WiFi, and update Windows to the current version.
10. Any remaining "Unknown Devices" in Device Manager should now be able to find drivers. If they don't, update the driver by clicking Find Driver Online.

If done correctly, your Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate should now have Windows 10 Pro (32-bit) with features enabled, including touch screen and screen rotation etc.
In my case, the drivers did not work first due to Windows 10 being outdated (July 2016), but updating it solved all issues. The driver for the touchscreen on my Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate with serial 221511xxxxx used the 'ChpnTS' files in the folder 'TP', and the official Bosch Accelerator driver. I just had to install them before performing the update of Windows 10.

Note: Why I needed to re-flash? My Chuwi lost audio for some reason, and it became somewhat cluttered over time. So I decided to spend a weekend re-installing and updating it. It works perfectly, and I used Macrium Reflect to make a complete backup of the installation that will accompany the tablet to its next owner.

I did try to install Windows 10 64-bit first, but the tablet would not accept it, even though it reports the CPU being a 64-bit.

I live in Sweden!
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manonegra222| Post time 3-11-2018 23:15:56 | Show all posts
Chrizze replied at 3-11-2018 19:45
I now got it all working! Here's how I did it.

1. Downloaded a clean Windows 10 x86 (32-bit) ISO (Y ...

Thanks for sharing your experience, it will serve other users of the forum.
Chuwi Moderator
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