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Stuck in EFI shell

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SungChang|Post time:12-9-2017 17:29:41 View:2890|Reply:5

My 40 day old Hi8 is now stuck in the "Shell>" prompt.  Above has EFI shell version 2.40 and device mapping table.  It prompt for pressing Esc key, but the tablet has no keyboard.
I believe some parts may have failed pre-maturely.  Is the device still under the manufacturer's warrantee?

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XCESS21| Post time 7-6-2016 01:16:17 | Show all posts
I have the same problem.
Tried to boot to android and to boot to windows via "Volume down" + "power". End up in EFI anyway.

I tried to re-flash android, via "boot from file", but when i select "efilinux-userdebug.efi" I end up with
"Entering Dnx mode. Waiting for fastboot command...". After 5 Minutes, it goes back to EFI from there.

Using the flash tools on my PC seems no option, as it doesn´t recognize the tablet, so I´m looking for a solution that uses the USB.

Any suggestions, please?
(Ist it necessary to re-flash windows/android at all? I just had no other idea?!)
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RavenRagdoll| Post time 7-22-2016 21:50:14 | Show all posts
Ya'll aren't the only ones... there's several threads on here... there's one IT guy who's gone really deep with the reflashing and rebooting and BIOS and stuff and he's still stuck... so I'm not holding my breath. I'm going to try submitting a repair ticket.... and see if I get any help from chuwi... if I do, I'll start a new thread with what works!!
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jimbob| Post time 7-27-2016 09:50:11 | Show all posts

I'm having the same problem and seem to be getting nowhere.  If you find out anything, please let us know (and good luck!!!)  
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emily| Post time 7-27-2016 23:18:46 | Show all posts
If your tablet occur this error " EFI Shell Version 2.40" , you need to reinstall the system.
Please download system which your tablet is stucked, and reinstall it following the tutorial:
Tutorial: ( Windows) (Android, ManufacturingFlashTool)
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uchiha_yueh| Post time 12-9-2017 17:29:41 | Show all posts
Hi emily! Which I should install first? or do I have to install the BIOS? TIA
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