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Blank/black screen after few months of use

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sus8766|Post time:7-1-2016 23:54:33 View:1349|Reply:2


I bought Chuwi Vi8 last September from Banggood. The tablet for this price is amazing and I was very satisfied with it until I noticed that yesterday screen stopped working. The first thing I thought it was that Windows 10 update broke drivers or something, but this was not the real reason since there is nothing displayed on screen, just the backlight could be seen. Also when the tablet is booting, there is no Chuwi logo. I have Windows 10 as primary OS and I’m not using Android at all, but it was in my plan. So basically I powered on tablet and waiting to see if anything will happen on screen – but there was no response on it. I connected tablet with external display with HDMI cable and there was normal Windows environment shown. I logged in and changed from Windows to Android to see if there is any possiblity that screen will work in Android. But after tablet restarted, the problem with blank/black screen still existed. I tried to update Windows again (maybe there is some connection between all the things), but this was not the case. I also wanted to reset BIOS to default settings (I never entered into it), but it wasn’t displayed on external screen, so I just turned off tablet. I don’t know what else can I try, because I’m running out of ideas. I was thinking to flash BIOS – if this could help, but I think this also won’t work. What can I try before contacting Banggood?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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mouaisien| Post time 7-1-2016 20:46:30 | Show all posts
Try this: when tablet boots on black screen, hold continuously power button to turn it off (10/15 seconds). After 4/5 seconds, new boot, tablet should boot correctly. Tell us!
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sus8766| Post time 7-1-2016 23:54:33 | Show all posts
There is no difference with this procedure - after second boot the screen is still blank/black, only backlight can be seen ...
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