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Wi-Fi problems

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dymo.n2n|Post time:2-12-2017 03:55:18 View:982|Reply:1

I have a network of 23 tablets Chuwi Vi7 in kiosk mode. Irregularly disconnected from Wi-Fi networks (period of 2-5 days) and never fail their reconnection. It is necessary to reboot. It's not dependent on the type of Access Point and security. I use WPA2-AES, but it manifests itself in the same way as with any other type of WPA.
Sometimes after a reboot Wi-Fi remains off and shows "Turning Wi-Fi on...." It required repeated restart.

Please help.

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nobnyas| Post time 2-12-2017 03:55:18 | Show all posts
so far i do not see the same situation. poor signal might be the problem, but you can retry the connection.
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