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Windows 10 Anniversary Update? [Solved/Moved]

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ramon2000|Post time:8-3-2016 22:21:31 View:36409|Reply:159

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I only wanted to know if anybody has tried to update (and I hope succeed) Windows 10 to the Anniversary Update released yesterday.



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Motobot| Post time 8-10-2016 16:00:37 | Show all posts
Edited by Motobot at 8-12-2016 02:01

Hello al27873,
It's not my, but Microsoft)))
I compiled original files. It contains:
1. a clear original Windows 10 Home x64 En-US install file with no other language packs;
2. all Chuwi Hi12 drivers, so touchscreen will be active at once at first Windows dialog;
3. kb3176929 cumulative system update only because it was up to date 08.08.2016, today you will find following updates. I will not recompile the installer after each current update is available)))
4. SwitchNOW (OEM-app to switch to Android or Remix OS);
5. a correct answer file (with compatible Product Key for those who had mistakenly cleared OEM-key in MSDM table and suffers with not activated Windows);
Just download and read the Readme.txt first.

854.95 KB, Downloads: 288

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Motobot| Post time 8-24-2016 18:28:13 | Show all posts
guitruong replied at 8-25-2016 00:01
I downloaded the compiled update archive courtesy of Motobot

In the readme, it says:

Hello guitruong,
Apparently, I'd have to add a tutorial on computer literacy for Dummies
Hopefully this screenshot will help you to see where and how to unblock a file.

As for your difficulties with unpacking, it is obvious that you have not downloaded the file completely and without errors. It was a typical loading error. Just re-download the file.
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BeneTTon| Post time 8-21-2016 02:41:45 | Show all posts
Edited by BeneTTon at 8-21-2016 02:44
A Short "How to " Clean Win10 install and how to install Win10 1607 with the microsoft upgrade tool.
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Chuddywoody| Post time 8-7-2016 08:01:58 | Show all posts
It took less than an hour for me to do full update from running update wizard.
Updated no problem and windows is much slicker.
Official touchpad and keyboard also seemed to have improved and I no longer get the edge problem with mouse unless I swipe from the very edge of the touchpad now.
I also tweeked my registry to enable more power options.
I can now set cpu speed and many more power saving features. Also I disabled dynamic platform and thermal framework in bios. Gave tablet a massive boost in speed especially in Gta v and Gta iv.
I now get speeds near what I expected. I did all the changes before the update though!
I did get great performance before the update but it is much slicker now. Although I need to try changing the low ram frequency again to see if it gives any boost now.
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davden13| Post time 8-3-2016 08:19:25 | Show all posts
I tried to install/update this package. But it was unsuccessful. Error Code: 0x80070570. Update: KB3172985. Chuwi HI12 Dualboot
I have tried update package KB3172988, but it was not installed(This package is "same" as KB3172985).
On my notebook(MSI GS70) this update is installed. I have not found any solution to fix error.
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ramon2000| Post time 8-3-2016 08:52:25 | Show all posts
I was talking about the "Anniversary Update".

In another computer I have, I have been able to install it through the "Update assistant" (Windows10Upgrade28084.exe), ( ... -anniversary-update), that can be reached through "Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update > Learn More", but I am afraid to update my Chuwi HI21 after the Teclast driver issues.
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Hackerjac| Post time 8-3-2016 08:53:29 | Show all posts
I have installed it on my Hi12 dual boot today, dident had any problem
I do NOT work for Chuwi. Please DO NOT pm or email me with problems you may have!
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ramon2000| Post time 8-3-2016 09:26:20 | Show all posts
Perfect! I'm going to try it now !
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arcticm39| Post time 8-3-2016 10:22:42 | Show all posts
I also installed it on my dual boot Hi12 with no issue.
I had to search online for a link to Windows 10 Update Assistant.
Too about 2 hours to complete.
It seems to run just a bit more snappy... but it could just be me.
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Frank-HRO| Post time 8-3-2016 10:36:44 | Show all posts
I also installed the Win10-update today.

I have download the new ISO-64bit-File and have unpack it. Then I have start the setup.exe in directory UDF...

After round about an half hour and three restarts later all was okay and windows run smooth.
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Wagz| Post time 8-3-2016 13:04:27 | Show all posts
If for some reason you want to ensure you don't get the update automatically and you want to delay it until you feel comfortable everything is ok, just set your wifi as a metered connection and windows won't download updates anymore.  I'm doing this just to delay the updates long enough until I know everything is ok.

Open your Start menu and select Settings to launch it. Click or tap the “Network & Internet” icon, select “Wi-Fi,” and select “Advanced options” at the bottom of the list of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Activate the “Set as metered connection” option. Windows won't download updates over a metered connection and since this is the only connection the hi12 has, it pretty much disables all updates.
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amit| Post time 8-3-2016 21:56:28 | Show all posts
I'll try to update
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ramon2000| Post time 8-3-2016 22:21:31 | Show all posts
I finally installed it through the "Update assistant" and there were no major problems during the installation (apart that I had to put the tablet near the wifi router to download the required files faster ) and everything is running fine. It also took around 2 hours.

As a comment, at the beginning I had around 23 MB free in the hard disk and the installer told me that there was not enough space. After moving/deleting some files (until around 24 MB free), then there was enough space.
Since the last version of Windows is kept in the hard disk in case you want to return to it, now, after the installation, I have around 16 MB free. In some weeks I will "clean"/remove these files.

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