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Chuwi Hi8 Pro Bootloader Error Code 02

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hermantan89|Post time:12-23-2017 18:11:07 View:1690|Reply:2

Edited by hermantan89 at 8-12-2016 10:36

Someone please help my tablet error cant go in Windows. Only stuck in boot and appear 2 menu choice :

Bootloader Error code 01

Recover : Press volume Up key
Power off : Press volume Down key

Im press 'recover' and appear 2 option again :

Boot loader Error code 02

Fastboot : Press Volume Up key
Power off : Presa volume Down key

After it appear six option :

Normal boot
Crash mode
Power off
Recovert mode
Restart bootloader

I have try all option but still not working, and my battery fo down.


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hermantan89| Post time 8-11-2016 18:40:53 | Show all posts


Edited by hermantan89 at 8-12-2016 11:56

I found this thread, and it seems solved my problem :

The automatic driver updates issue has been solved, it is safe.
When you see Android/Windows icon, you can press Volume Up/Down key to choose Android/Windows.

Link thread :
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Xross7| Post time 12-23-2017 18:11:07 | Show all posts
I suddenly got a similar problem as this, though is it really reprogramming the chip is the only way of fixing this? It seems like an overkill. I need further and more relevant information in regards to this issue and more appropriate fix without resorting to chip reprogramming.
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