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HI 12 Dual OS GPS Function and SIM Funktion

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copps|Post time:3-10-2017 13:56:05 View:2524|Reply:4

Good Day , i am new in this forum, I am from Germany.
On windows 10 with Chuwi I12 i can use a external Navigation-USB Mouse , the driver will installedl ok by windows 10 by plug and play (as USB-COM8) .
Under Android i have checked GPS Function by DeviceInfo APPS, there is the message by listing the system informations, GPS is possible, but not activated.
But nothing point is to find for activation.
The same kind of message is by SimCard from the DeviceInfo,  not installed simcard is the message.

My question now for Android using :  
is there a GPS sensor inside or not in the Chuwi I12,  and tis there Simcard possibilty or not or perhaps speciality of SimcardUsing by USB-Cinnection
Under windows Ihave installed a SimCard - USB-Sticlk from Vodafone , it runs well. It was installed by plug and play
Kind regards  
Wolfgang Porcher
Wolfgang Porcher

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Hackerjac| Post time 8-12-2016 09:19:46 | Show all posts
There is no GPS in the Hi12

Whenever if you can use a usb modem with sim card, i do not know
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technisol| Post time 8-12-2016 10:45:20 | Show all posts
No GPS as far as I know.  External through Bluetooth may be possible...  I have one somewhere I'll have to try some day.

SIM should work through USB, Windows likely because it can get a driver, Android????  If the Android Kernal doesn't recognize the hardware I'd think not unless there is an app that can enable it somehow, as I recall previous tablets that would only work with certain USB SIM modem devices.  Just for giggles, have you tried booting into Android from a cold start as well as switching and tried it in both cases with the USB modem already plugged in and then restarting and plugging it in after Android starts?  And then checking to see if there is a setting to turn it on or off in Android menus?

Good luck.  Let us know.  You might also post what particular model of SIM/Modem you got to work for others.
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cindylee7689| Post time 8-13-2016 06:50:58 | Show all posts
Edited by cindylee7689 at 8-25-2016 08:30

I have the same question now,thanks for help!

fav link:
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doodzilla| Post time 3-10-2017 13:56:05 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Any update on this?
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