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chuwi Hi12 metal keyboard

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badelhas|Post time:3-28-2017 12:20:08 View:4002|Reply:32

mckennal| Post time 3-18-2017 20:39:54 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by mckennal at 3-18-2017 20:41

jtrosky - I might try and take mine apart as well. If you have any success getting it to work better be sure to post how you did it! I'm wondering if we could find a compatible keyboard that we could rip the guts out of and put them in the Chuwi keyboard chassis.
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mckennal| Post time 3-23-2017 01:49:14 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Ugh, I couldn't get it apart without starting to hack away at the sides. I unscrewed the 4 screws but couldn't split the know case!
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jtrosky| Post time 3-28-2017 12:20:08 | Show all posts
Edited by jtrosky at 3-28-2017 12:47

To get it apart after removing the screws, I used a little plastic "pry bar' (from a little phone toolkit that I purchased at Walmart) and used it to separate the top and bottom of the keyboard in the front, near the corner.  Once I did that, I was able to "slide" the pry bar around the rest of the keyboard to get it separated.  I have been able to make the keyboard a little better, but not much.  Not even worth the effort, to be honest.

I recently purchased both a Hi10 Pro and an HI10 Plus, both with metal keyboards.  I found that the Hi10 Pro keyboard (silver trackpad) is great - very responsive and even the touchpad works great.  The Hi10 Plus keyboard (black trackpad) is better than the Hi12, but still not as good as the Hi10 Pro keyboard.  After some comparison, I found that the Hi10 Pro keyboard is a different brand...  The Hi10 Plus and Hi12 keyboard are "Sino Wealth" keyboards - the Hi10 Pro keyboard is a "Lizhichip" keyboard...  Unfortunately, it seems that Chuwi is going from the "Lizhichip" keyboards to the "Sino Wealth" keyboards (the Hi10 Plus originally had a keyboard with the grey touchpad, but apparently, they replaced it with one with a black trackpad ("improved" design - yeah, right!).  It's a shame, becuase the "Lizhichip" keyboard is significantly better...

I really like the size of the Hi10 Plus, but I like the Hi10 keyboard a lot better....  Just can't find that "just right" device!  :-)  I wish I could find an Hi10 Plus keyboard with the grey trackpad!!
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