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New Hibook Pro Owners Thread - Reviews, Experiences

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MightyChuwi|Post time:11-28-2016 12:31:25 View:10210|Reply:50

twojakes47| Post time 10-31-2016 02:12:25 | Show all posts
Have got the same response for my cracked glass - absolutely nothing and as for Bangood no good -Goodbye forever.
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kimlau| Post time 11-5-2016 22:24:36 | Show all posts

I shipped it from Taobao directly to Singapore, it was for a friend who is travelling. It looks perfect until you deal with it.

The first symtoms with the keyboard was random disconnection. I was setting up the unit, and realized that the connection LED (at the top right of the key keybaord) indicates diconnection, and Windows goes crazy.
This happened when the tablet batytery < 40%. Welll... I thought we can live with that. Just plug in the power when you use the keyboard.

2 months down the road, the entire keyboard cannot be powered.
Android image got corrupted, that it cannot boot. Windows appear funny as well.

I contacted Chuwi in China, asking them to send me a new keyboard.
It was 2 times, they refused. The only solution was to send it back to them, and I pay for the shipment!
This is very complicated, electronics cannot be shipped easily.

I may be forced to buy another keyboard and hope for the best, then I can refresh the firmware.

Well....this is price of over believing in what seemed to be a great Chinese product, with absolutely compromsied buiilt.

Keyboard cannot connect

Android cannot boot

Windows funny icon

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FaiRLane| Post time 11-10-2016 07:41:51 | Show all posts
Hi Folks!

I am a HiBook Pro owner also (errr... this kind of start speaking sounds like how a AA meeting starts

I increased ram speed to 1066 to 1600 and so far, everything works. 10-15% increase of overall speedup, and downside was that also battery life is shorten also 10-15%. But not an alarming level.

My HiBook Pro Usb C port works only for charging, if i connect any harddrive to it, it seems to be working (hdd is reconized and so on), but when i try to transfer file to tablet or Hdd, it starts and 10-15 seconds later, i get annoucement that cannot read / write the source. Well, i think that that port runs out of power.
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MrGrave| Post time 11-11-2016 00:07:55 | Show all posts
USB-C is mostly for charging and for PC connection, i suggest you to use usual micro usb for HDD, flash drive, mouse, keyboard
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Domcat| Post time 11-15-2016 23:50:29 | Show all posts
Hello to all.

My Hibook pro arrived 3 weeks ago.
So I decide to share my experience.

Tablet arrived with last bios version (234) and Windows 10 "standard".

I updated to Anniversary. It took 3-4 hours using windows update (no space problem)
Windows is a little laggy expecially using chrome. Edge is smoother.

I want to share the problems I had (problems were present in both Windows versions)

1) In windows 10, after I've plugged the charger, the battery indicator says "Calculating", after a couple of seconds says "Charging", then "Calculating" again, then "charging" and so on, infinitely. I left the device plugged for an hour (turned on in Windows 10) but it doesn't charge, than I turned it off and then start charging. I also tried with a better quality charger but I've got the same problem. In Android no problem.
Also Hi10 pro has got same problem: 
Anyway, at the moment, I charge the device only when turned OFF

2) sometimes, with device turned off, also if it is puggled, it doesn't charge. The charging indicator blinks (read light) as if it were charging but the charger is cold (means that is not charging) After a couple of hours, battery level increase of one or two point percentage (turn on the device to check). with device turned off, If unplug and then re-plug it start charging (the charger become hot) 
Somewhere I read that also Hi12 has got this problem.

3) Windows 10 touch screen problem: I've notice that often the touchscreen looses the "touch". This is very frustating in many situatuion, for example in drag and drop operation or drawing with Microsost Note. Android doesn't have the problem.
Several people has got this problem

4) I also want to add screen flickering in Windows 10 problem. Fortunately I don't have this problem (would have been very very very frustating). Seem that this problem is due to WIFI.

At the moment I've got no solution to the problems listed above

In android almost everything works fine.
Screem light is too high also if set to low, causing fast battery discharging.
It's a little bit laggy so, soon, I'll migrate to cynogen 12 or 13 ( ... i10-pro-hibook-pro/)

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luca.costantino| Post time 11-16-2016 05:57:06 | Show all posts
I received it, I charged it, I used it, I tried to charge it again with no luck... it's sitting on the table since 4 days... I'm trying to solve the issue with gearbest, but I don't think it will work. Luckily I paid with Paypal...

do you guys have any other brand to suggest??
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Mtimetraveller| Post time 11-16-2016 18:37:00 | Show all posts
hey there! I am suffering, my Hibook keeps shutting down automatically and suddenly either I am on Windows or Android.
I tried resetting Windows but that didnt help. However it doesnt shut down when i am using it during charging.
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rosan663| Post time 11-16-2016 23:48:11 | Show all posts
Thank you Mevlock, Updated Windows 10 to Anniversary Update using update assistant 28084, took about 3-4 hours, initially was olugged in with about 70% battery later during update there was a power failure but update went well, power came back and everything seems fine. Also am not planning to increase ram frequency as am getting longer battery life.
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Domcat| Post time 11-20-2016 23:57:09 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Domcat replied at 11-15-2016 23:50
Hello to all.

My Hibook pro arrived 3 weeks ago.

Issue 1 and 2 solved with an higher quality cable
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cabmonk| Post time 11-28-2016 12:31:25 | Show all posts
Edited by cabmonk at 11-28-2016 12:34

I've had my hibook pro for about 2 weeks. So far I like everyhting but was also having the same screen glitching that some have mentioned. I have also realized it was the wifi but when I started using a usb wifi adapter the glitch was gone. Also before adding the usb adapter one thing I tried and it worked for me was to turn on airplane mode. Sure it turns everyhtng off but then I clicked the wifi back on. So the wifi would still work but I noticed updates would not work with airplane mode on. Not an ideal situation but I haven't noticed the screen glitch once when the airplane mode was on and that was while using the tablet over several hours. I won't be returning it because i'm not getting the glitch anymore and everyhting else seems to be great.

I like the screen and the keyboard all works fine. I have not had any disconetions between the tablet and keyboard. Also everything works fine in android and I am happy so far screen glitch problem aside which was only in windows which isn't happening anymore. Oh and I ordered from from the listing that says will be sent in their own packaging instead of original box but they actually sent in original box wrapped in foam.
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