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New Hibook Pro Owners Thread - Reviews, Experiences

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MightyChuwi|Post time:8-6-2017 01:59:56 View:9954|Reply:50

MR-HiTMan| Post time 11-29-2016 09:47:06 | Show all posts
i get my new hibook pro in 27/11/2016

i was have a problem in touch put i fix it by updated to BIOS 234 this version but i discover my tablet came same update but the update was come with tablet have a problems and it's fixed with BIOS 234 update here in site.

about the wifi is working with me good with out any problems and the sd card i use (Original Samsung UHS-1 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card) and its working with me too good no problem .

i was have a problem with adjustment of brightness and i found the solution and it's fixed but just going to graphic intel card options and make the power saving disable

at the first i deiced to send it back to gearbest and i think the problem is hardware but when i search and read about the tablet all problems on it is software so i update the windows with the last updates and using it

i have note that tablet be heat from the corner side of usbs when i use the tablet i don't know where is the problem in this heat

but everything with me working good and the tablet is nice choose for me
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3NCORE| Post time 12-1-2016 11:37:41 | Show all posts
Hi everyone ! Just got mine today after 15 days which is pretty fast. I was a little bit skeptical about the tablet since I read many many reviews about it being slow / having issues but so far it's perfect for me, speed is ok, no heat, no screen/keyboard/wireless problem, it runs smoothly and the screen is beautiful ! Tested Win10 and Android during 2hrs and I'm definitely putting it in my backpack for the weekend, no doubt.
Looking for some tweaks to get it optimized to the best. I'm not disappointed
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3NCORE| Post time 12-2-2016 05:11:05 | Show all posts
I just set up RAM Frequency @1600 plus one or two other options in BIOS and it's really faster, I recommend it. It didn't brick the tablet (yeah I like to live dangerously), although I got an error later switching from Android to Windows this morning (BSOD / just 1 time, now I switched again and works fine), and the tablet does not seem to download the latest windows updates, it's stuck between 0% and 17% depending on the luck. I'm planning to throw the USB-C cable away for a new one since the original one is garbage. Still no heat issues.

Have a nice day geeks.
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eendra69| Post time 12-6-2016 18:01:54 | Show all posts
Been using Hibook Pro for the last 4 days..runs quite is not as smooth as butter..but overall, acceptable.
in Android, I use it to watch movie/tv via Kodi (micro hdmi works well)..I also installed Vain Glory to show it off to my colleague (runs well with ping 76-90 ms).
in Windows 10, after update (automatically, i dont know if it was Anniversary), I installed Steam and light isometric games like Banner Saga and Shadowrun Returns (both run well)..Office Mobile runs well..Chrome a little bit laggy, but again acceptable.

However, I notice the build is quite fragile despite the looks which seems solid and gets quite warm after few hours of streaming or playing games..all in all, I suggest light and careful usage of this cheap tablet.

I will tell more when my keyboard is arrived.
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3NCORE| Post time 1-11-2017 13:29:53 | Show all posts
Edited by 3NCORE at 1-11-2017 13:31

Happy new year fellow HiBookers,

Bringing this post up as it's one of the best source of information for me out there. So I didn't wait too long to root it, just to run Condi for task scheduling. Everything went great.

It's been already 3 months since I got the HiBook Pro, and now I can tell I personally did not meet any major issue, even after root/RAM tweak. No heat, no shutdown, no system crash. The only things I could state are :
- Original Type C cable is garbage (read it here before buying and I can confirm this is true)
- Some minor apps randomly crash (About once a week, basically just like any other Android device)
- Noticed there is some issue with (I don't know the proper english words to explain - sorry) online videos time scrollbars when played through a web browser. I mean, I will have no problem on the Youtube/VLC apps, going from - for example - 00:10 to 00:20 by sliding the little "time scroll bar" on the bottom of a video. But if I try to do the same thing on a video I'm playing through the browser (ie: Chrome for me), it suddenly becomes quite hard to scroll time from a video. It looks like my finger put on the screen covers a really small area, so I have to put it right between the 2-pixel width of the time scrollbar. Anyone relating to this ? It's also the case on some apps like online sales apps, when I'm trying to adjust the price range with the same kind of bar. Interesting, I'm suspecting a resolution incompatibility. I will test this by setting resolution to 1920*1080 with root access.
- Wi-Fi antenna is perhaps a little weak. I'm living in an appartment and the Wi-Fi icon is 50% filled when I'm in the room next to my router (about 2 thin walls + 6 meter range), but on the other hand I don't feel any drop. Even get Wi-Fi coverage when I'm at my parents place (+10 meters, THICK walls) but it cuts sometimes. I know about this being fixed by a BIOS update and I downloaded it since the dropbox link Chuwi uses often crashes. But as it's not a big deal for me living in my small appartment I do not plan to mess anything with a BIOS update.

For the people complaining about it not being smooth, I highly recommend (at your own risk though) to do the RAM tweak. Made a huge difference to me, especially on Android. Mine just runs pretty much everything with no lags, even on 3D games like SimCity BuildIt.

I do not use the tablet on Windows 10 any longer. Just because I have everything I want working fine on Android (Including MS Office Suite), so no need for Windows. But I do not plan going for an Android only partition, internal storage + SD card is enough for my usage and I don't know wether I will need Windows-only features one day.
Battery life is good for me (~5hrs when I'm actively watching videos).

To conclude this short 3 months living with a Chuwi tablet review, I'm fully satisfied with the product. I have been using it pretty much everyday for browsing the web, watching videos, using MS Office, and playing games, 95% of the time on Android, so please take this as an Android review. Even if Windows runs fine by my side (After updates), I didn't use it enough to tell anything reliable about it.

Cheers !
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Domcat| Post time 1-13-2017 14:19:10 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Domcat at 1-13-2017 14:23

Thanks for your review. Just a question... Which tweaks did you performance?
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3NCORE| Post time 1-15-2017 11:32:48 | Show all posts
I just set RAM @1600MHz in the BIOS. You can follow one of these videos.

DISCLAIMER : Do this at your own risks. I won't be responsible for any bricked tablet. Because it worked fine for me does not mean it is not dangerous / will work for you.
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Ahmedallebban| Post time 3-28-2017 08:27:38 | Show all posts
Edited by Ahmedallebban at 3-28-2017 08:37

Hello ,
I received my hibook few days ago I immediately notice the android is very slow
I try restore , flash the remix , flash another android for hibook but without any solution

I bought it with an onda v80 plus for my friend
The onda was very smooth in both systems ! it was great ! powered with the z8300 also !
I feel unfair , the chuwi is better than that tablet and nearly double price , but the performance is terrible !Every hibook owner dont feel good with his device & make risks to modefy it and make it smooth !
That is not good for a beautiful device like hibook ! its a disappointed thing !

I think the problem is from the 2k screen

after some using days , i can say that chuwi made a mistake by putting a high resolution display with a small processor ,
the windows 10 is very good , the stereo sound is great ,But the 2k screen is useless !
I think hi 10 pro with stylus pen will be better & have a balanced specifications !

Now im searching for a solution to make the android smooth "so that it will be useful because now its very bad !"

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Jacky| Post time 6-13-2017 04:55:22 | Show all posts
My Hibook Pro was working fine until a Win10 update caused the tablet to show a black screen when booting on Win10. As everything else seems to work, is there any way I can enter the safe mode or any other option to fix it fast and easily?
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Apnellihela| Post time 8-6-2017 01:59:56 | Show all posts
I was going through the reviews of chuwi hi book pro. I am planning to buy one. Basically, after much internet research, I concluded the below problems:

1. Problems with wifi dropping spontaneously or being too slow (is this because both Bluetooth and wifi antennas are together).
2. Screen flickering off.
3. Power draining so fast in idle mode even overnight when not used.
4. Tablet just dying after few months of use.

Are there any other issues user faced? Does this occur in every tablet or just random tablets?

Is there any fix to this? Are these addressed in the z8350 processor model?

Considering all these is it worth to invest on this and have it not work after few months. I really need some opinions from users and people who had no issues with their chuwi hi book pros to decide on this.

Also, what is the first batch and second batch? How do i know which is which?
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