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Vi8 Partition restore

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coopsjr|Post time:9-8-2016 12:44:44 View:1237|Reply:0

I need some help as a new user of a Vi8 unit. I made some changes to the drive partitioning system and in my inexperience lost the preset partition layout which I now understand are needed for android and windows to work as a dual boot system.

I have managed to reinstall windows onto the device but cannot get android back. I beleive that android should be installed first and then windows but I cannot do this using the ManufacturingFlashTool6.0.43 (it just wont start once i have selected the XML file) as I beleive the reason is becasue theres no allocated partition for it to install to.

What I would like guidance on is how to start a fresh with what I have and set the system up to take an android installation onto the appropriate parition and then subsequently install windows.

I have done a lot of reading of the tutorials on how to load the OS's but they all assume the file system is set corrently.


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