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[Vi10] [Tutorial] How to reinstall system for Chuwi VI10,VI10 PRO,VI10 Ultimate

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emily|Post time:2-18-2017 10:50:38 View:16138|Reply:23

dima1991m| Post time 10-5-2016 21:44:59 | Show all posts

Thank you, I was in despair, but you helped me. thank you again!!!!
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dima1991m| Post time 10-21-2016 00:36:53 | Show all posts
My tablet (Chuwi Vi10 pro, Vi10PQ64G22150800712)  itself off when running on battery. First, does well, and when the charge drops to 70-40%, he abruptly turns off. This problem was immediately after purchase tablet. Can I fix this problem yourself? I live in Ukraine. Sorry for bad english.
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redflash44| Post time 11-6-2016 03:23:50 | Show all posts
I'm trying to do a clean install of Android and am using the tutorial and the same files from it;
I keep getting droidboot boot failure when i try and use the flash tool.

I have copied over the custom config to the flash tool's directory, if it is not there then the program crashes instantly when it detects the device in DnX mode.
If it helps at all, I have a Vi10 Pro 64gb [22151000480]

Does anyone know how to get past this?
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mohamedeltayaar| Post time 2-18-2017 10:50:38 | Show all posts
I have a problem in the Tablet (VI10 Q32G22150900XXX) Chuwi VI10
  He stopped and does not respond
I can not log on or boot Windows
Please explain how to curtail the work of the Tablet, because he does not respond Lai Xi
Please indicate the download links to the software used
Please clarify Rauwayt system load Windows and a robot for my Tablet

thank you
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