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(VOTE) Chuwi hi12 keyboard (metal) OR separate keyboard + case

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oshondrom|Post time:2-24-2017 17:36:58 View:3083|Reply:12

Edited by oshondrom at 9-11-2016 08:34

It would be 50€ cheaper to buy the seperate keyboard + case.

Keyboard(7 dollars) (link)
Case(7 dollars) (link)

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technisol| Post time 9-11-2016 12:29:08 | Show all posts
I have the original Hi12 keyboard and a couple of slim Bluetooth keyboards.

I'll put in that slim bluetooth keyboards are available for around $20-35USD with a working trackpad vs. the original Hi12 keyboard...  Less weight to carry by far, but you also need a case or a stand to hold the tablet up.  Pity there is no flip out stand on the Chuwi or a simple folio case/rear cover with one available.  (yes, I have had two of the folio cases with the cover that folds into a triangular section to support the tablet, but both have grown cracks near the bottom tabs.  I'm still using the second one anyway since despite cracks in the plastic back cover it's still the lightest best looking cover I have -though hardly the best in terms of supporting the tablet.)

The Hi12 keyboard does turn the tablet into a reasonably well sculpted "mini-laptop", but considering the added weight, lack of protection for the tablet section, inability to fold the tablet onto the keyboard without eventually cracking a tempered glass screen protector, and the downright awful trackpad gestures issue, I find myself using the bluetooth keyboards and leaving the Hi12 POGO keyboard home.

I have no agenda and don't want to return my Hi12 Keyboard because it does work during boot so if I need to get into BIOS it's handy.  OTOH, I suspect a wired USB keyboard would work for that as well...

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oshondrom| Post time 9-11-2016 18:15:00 | Show all posts
Thank you very much technisol, your reply helped my choose. Have a great day!

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sojourner| Post time 9-12-2016 12:35:35 | Show all posts
I too bought the Chuwi metal keyboard and have not left the tablet in it when closing up for the night so as long as youre willing to remove tablet and use the other available case for the protection of unit I would go with the metal Chuwi one. I have bought a protective screen cover and will attempt to keep unit in dock of keyboard and close up for night some time to see if that works well but I suspect it wont so I will continue to use the protective plastic case I also bought

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kshaharudin| Post time 2-23-2017 08:38:45 | Show all posts
the chuwi metal keyboard is dire. darn awful trackpad and unresponsive keys. PLUS after only a couple of weeks my keyboard (like others on this forum) failed to work any more. ideally the chuwi keyboard form but with a bluetooth and non-chinese build quality.

Use magic Report| Post time 2-23-2017 10:07:05 | Show all posts
I bought the case and not the keyboard:

1.  I have several BT keyboards, including 2 of the standard, small Apple BT keyboards. I could not justify spending any extra $$$ for yet another keyboard. I also have 1 of the large (with numeric pad) and 1 small (without numeric pad) Apple metal Wired USB keyboards. These also have 2 port USB hubs in them, and thus are great for travel, as you get a USB hub without carrying anything else. There are many portable BT or wired keyboards available, including ones with track pads. Check your favorite vendors, or the same vendor you buy the Chuwi Tablet from.

2.  I read reviews before I purchased. Several of them mentioned that the build quality of the Chuwi keyboard dock was not that great.

3. The case not only protects the Chuwi Tablet, but gives it (and thus the person carrying it) an "executive look".  It is very close in size to the paper "portfolio". It also forms an adjustable stand.

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mercu| Post time 2-23-2017 10:20:01 | Show all posts
Edited by mercu at 2-23-2017 10:25

Ok, I have a bit of long story to tell.

I bought actually almost everything you can imagine for this tablet.

I bought that metal official keyboard dock.
I bought also that light small black keyboard you have to the right side (exectly identical that one)
I bought also the case you have to the right side (exactly identical that one).

Let me explain why I bought all 3 of those.

The metal keyboard, I use whenever I lay day on bed  and watching TV-show or movie to rest my back, I hate sitting up cause my back hurts. So I would attach Hi12 together with the keyboard and then tild the whole entire thing so it looks like portrait mode in tablet. In that way, I can watch it while laying down in my bed. And I love it!

Without that keyboard dock, I wouldn't manage to do this otherwise. I also use the metal keyboard if Im sitting in the couch cause it's more comfortable.

The other black keyboard, I only use whenever I sit infront of my desk, that's all.

The case you have in that pic, I have it on my chuwi hi12 24/7 - even when  docking into the metal keyboard - because it works fine, no problem! That case was the best accesorry I have every bought for my chuwi Hi12, worth every penny!

I also bought a 2.4 Ghz Rapoo 8000 keyboard which is much better than the black one you bought there. In fact, Im planning to just let that black keyboard rot somewhere in the basement cause the Rapoo 8000 is so much better!

It comes in a set with both mouse and keyboard and everything costed me only 15 USD.

The metal keyboard, I would never bring it to travel cause it's so heavy.  If you are not planning to use it in the bed or couch like me, you don't have to buy it.

The Rapoo 8000 on the other hand, I can totally recommend you, its weight is only 300 gram. So add it together with Chuwi, you will get the total weight of around 1100 gram (still lighter than Chuwi Hi13 main tablet lol...)

The black keyboard you showed us there is only maybe 200 gram, very very light but I hate to use cable.... Annoying af.

The case is def worth to buy, in fact: a MUST buy! Cannot find anything negative with that case - at all. Since you will never have to take it off and the quality is amazing.

And I would never ever recommend you to buy any bluetooth keyboard or products for this tablet. Why ? Because if you use bluetooth, you cannot use wifi at the same time because this wifi is soooo slow if bluetooth is on. They both use the same chipset. So only use Wifi or bluetooth, never use both at the same time, unless you bought external wifi dongle.

PS: Another good reason why you should buy the metal keyboard could be if you want to sell this tablet in the future.

Most customers wouldn't like to buy a 2-in-1 tablet without its keyboard dock... They see this more as a laptop than just a tablet so if you want to have good secondary value, then buy with keyboard so you can get rid of the tablet easier if you one day want to sell it.

I managed to sell my freaking Asus Transformer (the very first one tf101) in no time - just because I actually did buy a keyboard dock for it and customers loved that selling point to have small laptop!

Use magic Report| Post time 2-24-2017 12:05:10 | Show all posts
Edited by at 2-24-2017 12:11
Because if you use bluetooth, you cannot use wifi at the same time because this wifi is soooo slow if bluetooth is on. They both use the same chipset. So only use Wifi or bluetooth, never use both at the same time, unless you bought external wifi dongle.

While I have noticed this effect with other Chinese or "off-brand" tablets, I have not noticed this effect at all with my Chuwi Hi12. (Note: I am running factory Android only -- All 64MB for Android, so I cannot speak to the Windows situation.)

There have been times that I had difficulty connecting to certain WiFi Spots, and based on my experience with other tablets, one of the first things I tried in an attempt to connect was to turn Bluetooth off.  It didn't help -- was not the problem.

I regularly use BT keyboards with my Chuwi, (as mentioned above) and I have not noticed an effect on WiFi, or any delay in typing.

Again, with other tablets, I have noticed cross-talk. For example the cursor stuttering when WiFi is on and using a BT mouse.  I need to remember to bring some new batteries for my Apple "flat" BT mouse, and I will try this.


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mercu| Post time 2-24-2017 13:05:51 | Show all posts replied at 2-24-2017 12:05
While I have noticed this effect with other Chinese or "off-brand" tablets, I have not noticed this ...

This has more to do with how FAST your internet can run with BT turn on or turned OFF.

Just run and see it yourself, especially in Windows. I don't know about Android but in windows:

When you have BT turned off  and Wifi turned on, you can get for example 75 MB/sec download speed.

When you have BT turned on and Wifi turned on (at the same time), you will only get around 30 MB/sec download speed.

That is almost half of the speed which you can get normally so if you planning to stream movies or videos from youtube, 4K, HD, etc. Don't count on using BT and the same time as Wifi - unless you buy external Wifi dongle cause that will be a totally different story.

This is btw: a wellknown problem for Chuwi Hi12. It has already been described before in this forum and also on techtablets (I think even Chris also mentioned about it during his review).  Nothing new under the sun.

I hope Chuwi Hi13 won't get this problem.


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technisol| Post time 2-24-2017 17:36:58 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 2-24-2017 17:43

I've heard a number of people complain about the bluetooth/wifi issue...  My connection is generally not faster that 20Mb/sec so I guess I've not noticed the "slowdown" in download speed with bluetooth and Wifi on at the same time.  Also I'm not a big streamer, because I hate buffering, so download, and most times I'm using the keyboard I'm not simultaneously downloading, more like surfing so a little text input and a lot of downloading as pages are rendered.  Unless you require high speed internet downloading at breakneck speed and a lot of bluetooth input at the same time, a bluetooth keyboard will work fine for most applications and most users.  If it's an issue, a USB connected keyboard would work fine without slowing your Wifi.  I've not found it to be an issue, but then I'm not trying to stream or download high bitrate anything while typing my autobiography, or coding... and I use another machine for that anyhow.  ;-)

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