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(VOTE) Chuwi hi12 keyboard (metal) OR separate keyboard + case

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oshondrom|Post time:3-24-2017 16:54:08 View:3102|Reply:12| Post time 2-27-2017 12:33:01 | Show all posts

I am running Android only, so perhaps that is why I have not seen it.  Sounds like a driver issue.

I also said that I was going to see if I noticed a slow down with a BT mouse -- Well, I tried 2 different Apple "magic" mice, and ... they don't work. The Apple Magic Mouse is recognized (again, this is in Android Only) as a mouse, Pairs, connects, and is shown connected as an input device, but it never works.

I'll have to try with a regular (Logitech) BT mouse.


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mercu| Post time 3-24-2017 15:04:01 | Show all posts
technisol replied at 2-24-2017 17:36
I've heard a number of people complain about the bluetooth/wifi issue...  My connection is generally ...

Well, it's not that easy black or white to be honest.

The speed 50 vs 20 MB / sec is not everything.

Let's say you are traveling with this tablet or have a big house. Sometimes, you won't even get any wifi signals at all with the bluetooth and wifi running parallell with each other.

Meanwhile, you will at least get SOME signal with ONLY wifi on.

The distance between you and the wifi source gets affected heavily when running bluetooth.

I don't know why anyone would take a risk and using bluetooth keyboard when you can just use 2.4 Ghz wireless USB-keyboard instead.

Well, to each his own I guess.

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technisol| Post time 3-24-2017 16:54:08 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 3-24-2017 17:00

If the issue is reduction in range I just may not see it because I mostly use the tablet on Wifi in the same room as my Wifi repeater at home and at my desk at work...  Honestly, I use it more like a tablet than a PC even when I'm running in Win 10 which is 95% of the time, because I also have a Hi8 Pro which spends it's time in Android.  I still really like the idea of 2 OS's in one machine, but over time found I needed both up at once for different things and couldn't be bothered to switch back and forth during the evening.  Getting the Hi8 Pro for $95 made the decision a little easier too -I think I also missed having an 8" Android tablet, it's just a handy size for me.  The Hi12 works great as a Win 10 machine for just about everything else as well as a great almost full sized comic book reader for when the old guy misses his misspent youth... ;-)

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