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admin|Post time:9-15-2016 04:02:03 View:11181|Reply:162

Aizaloro| Post time 9-14-2016 07:06:07 | Show all posts
1. big 2k screen 2. full usb port   3.better wifi 4.
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dahuu| Post time 9-14-2016 12:04:16 | Show all posts
In Addition to whats on market form chuwi:
- Dual Chanel Ram, maybe 8gb
- Better Processor , maybe Intels m-Series
- WiFi ac
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correo900| Post time 9-14-2016 14:57:05 | Show all posts
the best features are ;

a large screen with high quality, large memory capacity, a very powerful processor.

very nice tablet.

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BertsKran| Post time 9-14-2016 17:08:47 | Show all posts
Edited by BertsKran at 9-14-2016 19:12

This 10.1 inch HiBook Pro tablet with excellent filling and the ability to run two operating systems, which also comes with a keyboard. You have long gadget needed to work on the road.

The features that I like the most was the:

- Dual Operating System Android 5.1 & Windows 10 -  Such a cool feature for a tablet. Its rare too see this kind of feature. (Switchable OS) One of a kind!
Intel Atom x5-z8300 - We all know when you have an Intel built in in your device. This kind of Intel has a power efficient quad-core SoC for Windows and Android devices. Performance and gaming experience should be no problem.
- One Glass Solution - This feature adds the uniqueness of the tablet by adjusting and reducing the internal layers between TP and glass making the picture brighter and more vivid. Comfortable as you can be.
- 4GB Ram - This head is sufficient for Android-devices and windows. Its such a big ram for a tablet. Superb!
- Design - I totally love the design. I personally think its a great display with a diagonal of 10.1 inches of its resolution is 2560 by 1440 pixels. The tablet looks fresher and clean on its screen & shape & color.

With great specs on many tablets coming out in 2016, it has become increasingly harder for tablet makers to combine great specifications with affordable price and unique designs that meet the standard of today's highly sophisticated buyers.  Chuwi tablets with its exquisite specs, performance, body and design met that standard and more! .

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bluesmanuk| Post time 9-14-2016 20:05:26 | Show all posts
Edited by bluesmanuk at 9-16-2016 12:53

Listing all the features that we may like or want could result in a long list that would push prices up towards the Surface Pro series but Chuwi is about providing the right amount of tech for a reasonably affordable price.

Personally I've never got along with anything up to 10" as I still find the screen size a little too limiting for my tastes, so i still find myself using my trusty 15.6" laptop for most uses as it gives me most of the versatility that I want.

The Hi12, with it's bigger screen does go towards narrowing the gap between tablet and laptop, so is a step in the right direction.

I would still like to see the gap narrow a little further with something in the region of 13.3" - 14".

I realise that at these sizes some may regard the issue of weight to be a potential problem but remembering back to when 10" tablets first surfaced, they could easily be close to 1kg in weight and with the advances since then I believe that it is quite possible to produce a tablet with larger screen area whilst still keeping weight down to a reasonable level.

One of the absolute musts for me when considering a larger size tablet is in it's potential use as a daily laptop replacement, so the inclusion of a decent keyboard would be a must.

I did see one review of a Chuwi tablet that had a keyboard state that when folded, if the tablet was then placed in a bag where there may be slight pressure applied from other contents, the keyboard could scratch the screen, so an improvement in protection is a future modification that should be included.

Likewise, too many keyboards have only one position, so something that is multi adjustable to suit all needs is something that can also be looked at, including a form of mounting that does not break when users may accidentally push the screen back too far.

Some keyboards on the market also contain their own separate battery and charging capability, so this could be a potential option to extend the life of the tablet use even further and additionally allow for extra ports to be utilised when used as a laptop.

Dual band WiFi with AC should begin to become a standard now (with options at looking forward to 802.11ax) but one of the key issues with AC is that many devices only ship with 1 antenna, which pretty much rules out taking greater advantage of AC capabilities, so increasing the amount of antennas, especially for a device that will have no native ethernet connectivity should be seriously considered.

Support for SDHC UHS-I is also often lacking on devices, as is the capability of using 128Gb cards, so MicroSD card slots should be more up to date.

Micro HDMI is always useful when you might want to connect to a TV/Monitor for either presentation of leisure purposes, preferably at at least 1.4 level.

One full size USB port, preferably USB 3.0/3.1 should be included and now that type C connectivity is set to take over, there is more realistic possibility of this with it being s smaller interface size.

When using Windows especially, there should be options within any range of tablets for 2Gb or 4Gb RAM.

Likewise, when specifying onboard storage, 32Gb can be quite limiting, so 64Gb could also be considered as an option within a range.

Full HD IPS screens for anything of 10" or above is already starting to be the norm and whilst some may look for higher resolutions, I do believe that 1080p is quit sufficient for most needs.

A range of SOC's may also be desirable. the Z8300 is very common in many tablets but rarely do we see the Z8500 or Z8700 in them and from what I have seen from Intel pricing to manufacturers, the difference is not that great, so the additional power from the Z8500 and Z8700 (or Z8550 and Z8750 as they are now) would aid general productivity.

With Apollo Lake around the corner, I would imagine that the next generation is already being considered and might turn out to be a more affordable higher end option that Core-M.

Speakers on the front would always be my choice for sound output because that is exactly where sound should some from and I would happily settle for a little extra space along the edges to house them and have a more immersed feel and quality.

Battery life is always a continuing thing with technological advances, so I'm sure that Chuwi, like other manufacturers would always be looking at this but combining it with fast charging has to be the way forward.

Fast EMMC or SSD is essential to an all round fell is essential. I have used too many devices where everything but the speed of the onboard storage is great and this can male what is otherwise a great device, one that fails to deliver because of the slow storage.
A couple of nice features that would help to sell many a tablet are GPS and 4G capabilities.

I've lost count of the number of times that I have seen a deal posted where a lack of GPS has been a deal breaker, especially in the smaller siized screens but it would help to sell more across the board if it was included as a default.

4G of course would be a nice option to allow mobile SIM use and be able to utilise the latest in mobile technology.

One of my bug bears about so many devices though is how they all too often come to retail with so many bugs and issues, so a better form of pre production testing, bringing in actual users that are able to put products through real world testing should be seen as an essential.

This would allow a product to come to market ready to match what the advertising states that it can do and therefore automatically inspires confidence, especially when it comes to receiving good reviews, which in turn brings in greater sales.

It should be seen as a no brainer, with any up front costs involved being swamped up quickly by greater profits and a brand name that can then be considered to be up there with all the regular big brands that the world as a whole is already aware of.

Bottom line is that whatever is added, quality control is just as important as the provision of the technology inside.

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Successplanet| Post time 9-14-2016 21:35:20 | Show all posts
Edited by Successplanet at 9-15-2016 21:10

So far below are features that I really like.

- dual boot (windows 10)
- full usb port (2 or plus)
- relative most model are light weight compare to other brand

Would be good if the battery life are longer and faster charging. Some model has discharge power > charging power (could be due to heating). Better Wifi & Bluetooth would be good too .

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Alvin| Post time 9-15-2016 00:10:22 | Show all posts
I want the tablet with the 8GB Ram, Dual OS(Widnows+Androice) big camera, 5MP+8MP, support dockable keyboard and touch pen.
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HarryChuwi| Post time 9-15-2016 01:20:13 | Show all posts
Edited by HarryChuwi at 9-15-2016 01:24

The Futures of my tablet....
- Dual OS Windows 10 Home OS
- Familiar and easy to use
- Productive to work
- The most personal Windows yet
- Flexibility to work
- RAM 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage
- Supports OTG extension, HDMI + WIDI HD output, video output to the TV, display, projector, to build a exclusive private cinema.
- It supports Quick charge, 10000mAh rechargeable batteries

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Modelman1968| Post time 9-15-2016 03:51:28 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I'd like my next version of the HiBook, the "HiBook premium edition" to be one of the first android n devices. It needs to be even slimmer, shinier and faster than the HiBook pro.... That's progress for you!  
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chepur| Post time 9-15-2016 04:02:03 | Show all posts
Edited by chepur at 9-15-2016 04:11

In general, the company has always produced excellent chuwi plates. I have VI10PRO. Who ordered VI10PLUS, and plans to acquire HiBook Pro. In general, it is always a tablets CHUWI quality at an affordable price.
The new plates Chuwi interesting module wi-fi 5 GHz.
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