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Chuwi VI10 Plus "Freezing issue FIXED" Keyboard draining.

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itrust|Post time:9-16-2016 23:28:29 View:21438|Reply:184

Edited by itrust at 9-19-2016 17:05

Hi all,

Note I am not responsible if something goes wrong with your tablet.

My tablet works well on Remix no freezing at all when I enable GFX in Bios. Also by doing this it increased my score on the GPU side on GeekBench scored around 350 points more. On atto benchmark I scored 63931 then after I enable GFX it went to 65211. Not sure if that really fixed it but I was having freezing issues while I was playing games/installing/un-installing apps. Had to reboot the tablet. Since I enable GFX to this day I still have not seen any freezing at all. Not sure if it will work for other people but enabling GFX worked for me that was causing my freezing issues that I was getting.

Now for the Keyboard that doesn't let my screen go to sleep at all unless its charging then it goes to sleep. Keyboard/Screen turning on every 30 seconds is DRAINING the battery. I was in Bios and I did had the keyboard working at one point that it would not turn on the screen while it was not charging. Then I was testing something else and by mistake I reset the BIOS settings and now I can’t figure out what I did for the keyboard fix. I remember it had something to do with the Performance/Efficient Power-settings. If you hit the wrong setting you can brick the tablet so as of now Iam not messing with it till Chuwi can fix it for us. LOL!

On another forum, aperson said on that reducing the speed of the memory from 1600 to 1333 worked for the keyboard issue and increased the battery life on his  tablet also decreased the temp too. I did tried this it didn’t help for the keyboard issue “not letting my screen go to sleep” but it did reduced my temps on the tablet. Have caution reducing the speed like I did I thou I bricked my tablet as it didn’t turn on for about 10 mins but then it did. The speed was a little slow on 1333 but my temps were reduced and while playing games the tablet wasn’t that hot as before when I touch the back of my tablet. I did change it back to 1600 as it affected my loading times.

Chuwi assist us with our unanswered questions. We need you to shed some light to us on our issues.

Keyboard/Screen turning on every 30 seconds is DRAINING the battery. Need a fix for this.

We all can continue to promote your products to friends/family if you fix some of the issues that your customers are having.

Still the tablet is good for the Price and I hope Chuwi will continue to make even better tablets with better chips and have the options on which OS you want to use.

I hope this helps with some people.

"BIOS F7 or Delete when rebooting"

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itrust| Post time 9-15-2016 09:08:37 | Show all posts
Edited by itrust at 9-15-2016 09:15

Thanks RoadRunner and Unwohlsien I forget to mention that.

Its very odd. I have been promoting their brand at my work. I have a bunch of students that brought their tablets and I have 9 students that have Chuwi VI 10 Plus and 2 of them are fine no freezing and also the keyboard is letting the screen sleep. I did look into their BIOS and both did have GFX enable and they both claim they never touch the BIOS before. I just cant see how the keyboard is working for them. The other 7 have the same issues as for freezing and keyboard. I told them about GFX enable and 5 out of 7 helped with freezing the other 2 it didn't help them. Both are going to submit tickets with Chuwi.

Like I said before everyone don't go crazy with BIOS and hopefully Chuwi will assist on these issues with us in due time.

I hope Chuwi stays competitve with SPECS and PRICES. Let Chuwi show ASUS, SONY, SAMSUNG, others stop over-charging us for TABLETS.
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RoadRunner| Post time 9-15-2016 08:17:30 | Show all posts

I have the Chuwi VI-10 Plus and I have the same issues regarding the freezing and keyboard part. I have been watching the trends for about two weeks to see if someone found any solutions to our problems. I do want to thank you as I too just enable GFX in bios and it did stop my freezing problem. I was getting freezing when I was using WORD and playing Roblox. Now, since I changed it I no longer have that issue. And Roblox is running smooth then before. I will continue to test this out and will post if it really did helped. I can tell the difference in running Roblox. Much smoother. I did the ATTO bench and my scored jumped up from 64020 to 64935. For the rest of the other ideas as I am not a tech I will not be messing with anything else till Chuwi fixes for us.

Thanks again.
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unwohlsein| Post time 9-15-2016 08:46:23 | Show all posts
Thans for the hint!
For Bios-Rookies like me here the place where to change:
Chipset/Northbridge/Intel IGD Configuration/GFX Boost
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spitfire-303| Post time 9-15-2016 09:21:52 | Show all posts
Hi, I'm facing the same poblem. Can you jsut tell me how do I enter the BIOS? I'am a ...super rookie in android devices .

thank you
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unwohlsein| Post time 9-16-2016 04:55:35 | Show all posts
Hi Spitfire.
Connect a keyboard to your Chuwi. Power on the tablet and press ESC at Boot
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Everx| Post time 9-16-2016 10:44:05 | Show all posts
Not work for me...
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Skyfire| Post time 9-16-2016 13:35:59 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Skyfire at 9-16-2016 13:40

not working for me either
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fabiking| Post time 9-16-2016 15:09:43 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Not working for me. Please help.
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registradus| Post time 9-16-2016 23:28:29 | Show all posts
OK I just enabled GFX Boost in BIOS. I'll let you know if it helps with the freezing
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