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Great Tablet, but wasted because lack of stylus and ugly keyboard

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pGrnd|Post time:2-11-2017 10:58:41 View:1103|Reply:3

Sure this is subjective opinion, but I can understand how comes to make aflagship tablet (with a great screen and design) and do not give two mayor features

- wacom like stylus support

- nice lookign keyboard as the

Just worndering, having both inplace whitin the company, why not make all your tablets (size dependant sure) compatible with the accesories ??

Should I wait for upcoming weeks to have a HiBook Pro WD (Well Done) one ?

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mikewr007| Post time 1-21-2017 07:13:17 | Show all posts
I agree!!! I purchased a HiBook because I had bought a Hi10 for my wife with the H2 pen and she loved it. I had thought I was ordering a Hi10 since they look identical. However, when I received it I couldn't get the pen to work. I have tried both passive and active capacitive pens and can't get any to work. That's when I found out it was a HiBook. Surely Chuwi would have included a digitizer in their latest design. Now I think I'm stuck with a computer that won't do what I want.

Also noticed your post is over 4 months old. Apparently Chuwi is not interested in addressing this issue.
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NMir| Post time 2-11-2017 08:09:26 | Show all posts
I disagree. The Hibook Pro keyboard looks ways better than this plastic garbage with that triangle on the back. It has a metal surface and some kind of macbook look.
And I really don't understand how you can fail to use a passive stylus,.
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Hackerjac| Post time 2-11-2017 10:58:41 | Show all posts
I also prefer the metal keyboard insted of the other plastic crap one, it just look so damn cheap
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