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[Other] Need help to find correct VX8 firmware

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cheikemate|Post time:1-12-2018 16:40:14 View:1000|Reply:2

Hi all,

I already sent some emails to Chuwi support but no answers. So I am trying this forum.
Some time ago I tried to update the firmware of my Chuwi VX8 (non 3G) unit. At the time I was not aware that Chuwi had two version os the same tablet. Mine is version "D".
So I flashed the wrong firmware in my tablet and now I have an inverted X/Y axis touch screen. The table is unusable at this time.

But I can flash again the correct firmware. I did flash all the available D version firnware I could find in Chuwi site but the problem persists.
I am pretty sure that the issue is with the bootloader.

Please help me to identify the correct firmware for my specific model.
I need to buy another tablet for work. Chuwi has good ones but because nobody answers my queries I will probably choose another vendor.

Best regards,


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szucsi| Post time 1-12-2018 08:42:53 | Show all posts
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manonegra222| Post time 1-12-2018 16:40:14 | Show all posts
Edited by manonegra222 at 1-13-2018 01:45

I have a maxim: You get more asking than hitting

It is his first thread here and he already threatens not to buy a tablet of the brand for a problem generated by a performance exclusively decided by you to update a finmware.
Did Chuwi advise him to do it?
Maybe Chuwi gave him the wrong files ?.
Everything you did and under your entire responsibility.

Having said that, we are here to try to help you and try to make your device work properly.
Another member of the forum, to whom we are grateful for his collaboration, has put the link to the files of his team.
If you find what you are looking for, use them and if not, I expect a new message to be able to assist you directly.

I am lucky and can apologize if I have bothered with my comment, but understand that this is a forum for collaboration, that the moderators are not employees of Chuwi and that, with our means we try to please the requests of the users.

Have a nice day
Chuwi Moderator
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