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[Hi10 Plus] [Official Version] [4G/64G] Chuwi Hi10 Plus Remix OS, Windows, Bios Download

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emily|Post time:10-11-2016 11:09:32 View:107468|Reply:659

Edited by emily at 1-21-2018 19:29

[Official Version] [4G/64G] Chuwi Hi10 Plus Download:

Remix OS:
Chuwi Hi10 Plus Remix OS 2.0: ... 8%29_-_Remix_OS.rar

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Android 5.1: ... 300_Android_5.1.rar

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Windows - Seven Parts: ... _Plus_Windows_Z8300
(The Windows file is so large, i divided it into eight parts so that you can download it easily)

Chuwi Hi10 Plus All Drivers:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog ... 6wgoj35dxea2t2xae5n

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Touch Driver: ... us_Touch_driver.rar

(Pls refer to Vi10 Plus tutorial)

Above documents are used for Z8300 CPU Hi10 Plus, before serial number Hi10 Q64G42160804000 (including this serial number)

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Z8350 (20161118)  Andorid, Windows Download: (after serial number Hi10 LQ64G42160804000 )

Android :

Chuwi Hi10 Plus (Z8350) Android download:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog ... xa2ozcb6waup20pere6

Windows :
Chuwi Hi10 Plus (Z8350) Windows download: ... _Plus_Windows_Z8350

Chuwi Hi10 Plus Bios Download( used for Z8350):

Chuwi Hi10 Plus (201702)  Bios, Andorid, Windows Download:

Android :

Windows :


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intermax| Post time 11-14-2017 10:43:19 | Show all posts
Hi. How to install Remix OS on Chuwi Hi10 Plus Z8350 (20161118)  (after serial number Hi10 LQ64G42160804000 )?
Android download for this  serial number is not Remix OS
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lowerseven| Post time 6-19-2017 09:49:28 | Show all posts
Can you please send a link to the BIOS for my tablet? TIA!

SN: LQ64G42170209613
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emily| Post time 1-3-2018 18:23:14 | Show all posts
ivano replied at 1-3-2018 10:01
Hi, i need bios for Hi10 plus Hi10 LQ64G42170905329. and I have a problem with sd card and front/rea ...

hello, here is the bios
here is the windows
hope it can help you
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dreamyskull| Post time 10-15-2016 04:08:55 | Show all posts
Dear Emily,

Many thanks for all your efforts and support for all of us.

May I ask a few questions:

* I have recently bought Chuwi Hi 10 Plus.

* I do not like the space taken up by Windows partition and I only want to keep the Remix OS that comes preinstalled.

* I want a complete Remix OS partition and thus delete Windows partition so that I can make full use of the 64 GB storage.

* From your tutorial I understand that I can reinstall Remix and then choose to delete Windows during Flash - Correct?

* Question: Should I need to Flash BIOS first?

* Question: After reinstalling/flashing Remix OS included in your download link should I reinstall All Drivers & Touch Driver that are separately included in your links?

* Question: Is the included Remix OS link for Hi 10 Plus or Vi 10 Plus?

* Question: Where can I find the Android Programming Tool that you mention in your tutorial?

I will really appreciate if you can answer my above questions. It will help me to solve my problem and increase my storage to include only Remix by deleteing Windows partition

Thanks & Best Regards,
Dreamykull (Sunny)
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Motobot| Post time 4-5-2018 16:01:17 | Show all posts
UGUR57 replied at 4-6-2018 01:43
I need DRIVER for sd card and magnetic keyboard
LQ64G42171109454 (z8350) I need DRIVER

Hello UGUR57,
You can find all you need there
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ali.tekdemir| Post time 3-31-2018 04:10:15 | Show all posts
i can't windows system restore. my windows is'nt work.
i need Bios/Windows/Android/Drivers for LQ64 G42 171111 698 but there are too many alternatives here..
and i need windows format tutorial or all format tutorial
thanks in advance
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Use magic Report| Post time 3-29-2018 03:39:10 | Show all posts
Edited by at 3-29-2018 12:41

Why have you requested the file to update the BIOS?
Have not you seen Motobot's answer above? There is no need to update the BIOS.
Before updating the BIOS can you confirm that the camera was working? There is in some Tablet that the camera fails from the beginning, it is problem of drivers in the rom.

Try to write in English and by sending many messages in a row you will not solve your problem immediately. There is the option to edit the answers to provide more information.
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strutch| Post time 6-25-2017 14:07:36 | Show all posts

Cardreader is working perfect on remix with the same hardware.

Can you explain that phenomenon in your theory ?!

You talk like it have crashed from the 10th floor... lol

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Motobot| Post time 6-24-2017 09:55:20 | Show all posts
Hello zibettisz,
Fix screen flickerings in Windows
Right click or long tap on the desktop => click Graphic Properties => click Power => disable Display Power Savings Technology => click Apply => click Yes to keep these settings.
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strutch| Post time 6-9-2017 02:36:00 | Show all posts
emily replied at 5-30-2017 17:50
Hi, friend
The bios can't solve the SD card problem.

Hi emily,

Is there anything that can solve the SD problem?

Thank you!
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davdi| Post time 10-7-2016 04:18:54 | Show all posts
Edited by davdi at 10-7-2016 04:25

Thanks for the links.
One question, Can I install Android from Vi10 Plus instead of RemixOS on this tablet?
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Jibilico| Post time 10-7-2016 08:35:35 | Show all posts
Which is the bios version attached?
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marble| Post time 10-7-2016 10:24:58 | Show all posts
Edited by marble at 10-7-2016 10:27

Any driver for oficial keyboard?

The trackpad doesn´t work fine on windows 10 and activate gestures randomly. Maybe with the right drivers i can configure the trackpad.
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Domengo| Post time 10-7-2016 12:41:41 | Show all posts
Edited by Domengo at 11-6-2016 13:41

Dear Emily, in place of originals one, we need:
1) New BIOS: keyboard drain too much power and don't lets tablet go in power save mode, this is very serious in Remix
2) Remix Os 3 support soonly
3) Drivers e support for H2 Stylus. Now is just like a capacitive pen without pressure and hands suppression, i am very disappointed
4) New touchpad driverfor Win 10 that no minimize Windows acidentally!
5) Wi-Fi and Blotooth discontinuing connection when used togheter (may be condivision of antenna?). Drivers may resolve?
Tell us if those above are newest of originals and if they solve any problem....plese
Thanks so much for support

4) With new driver posted 10.10 by Emily SEEMS partially SOLVED, now is pretty well, even if not 100%... Great Emily
5) Partially SOLVED with Windows update KB3199986 of end October that steps Windows 10 to Build 14393.351

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marble| Post time 10-8-2016 02:54:28 | Show all posts
Edited by marble at 10-8-2016 03:52

For the touchpad on windows you can try one thing.
Go to device manager and then mouse driver update.
Choose the option to search for drivers on your computer.
On the next screen choose option 2: compatible drivers.
There Choose the option COMPATIBLE WITH MOUSE HID
Try now if not activated or touchpad gestures.
I continued testing this morning and has done a couple of times, but it seems less than before.
In any case I think Chuwi should provide a solution to the keyboard drivers!
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cheaman| Post time 10-8-2016 07:47:56 | Show all posts
Emily, Can I use the "flash-no-erase-all.json" for the Hi10 to reload Remix without reloading Windows, or do we need a new "flash-no-erase-all.json" for the Hi10 Plus?
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Kylua| Post time 10-11-2016 06:27:37 | Show all posts
Hi Emily, thank you for files but some are offline, you can restore them? thanks
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Mikebartoli| Post time 10-11-2016 11:09:32 | Show all posts
Dear Emily
I confirm wifi problems. The wifi connection goes down,but the notification bar shows that connection is OK. To restart the connection I have to turn off and turn on the wifi card.
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