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Chuwi Hibook Pro Screen Glitching On Windows 10 Mode

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eldorado_allman|Post time:2-19-2017 06:37:34 View:10524|Reply:60

Modan| Post time 11-23-2016 12:29:09 | Show all posts
So I played around with the HiBook Pro last night.
All windows 10 updates were previously installed.

Glitching is definitely related to wifi usage.  As others have mentioned, it clears as soon as wifi is disabled and returns as soon as wifi is restored with traffic.  I only get glitching when the wifi adapter is passing traffic.

I tried every different adapter setting available.  Switching from n/g/b ot g/b or g had no impact.  Switching from 40mhz/20mhz to just 20mhz had no impact.  All other setting had no impact.

I tried updating wireless and display adapter drivers via the device manager (I'm drawing the line at scouring the internet for newer drivers, or custom drivers, or older drivers that people say helped them). The wireless adapter had no update available.  The display adapter did have an update and took 15+ minutes to update.  Once the update completed I rebooted and there was no improvement, glitching continued.
Then for some reason I decided to change the wireless settings again.  This time the glitching stopped when i switched to just wireless b.
i can't explain why, but for some odd reason the combination of updated display adapter drivers running wireless at the turtle wireless b cleared up the glitching.  switching back to b/g or b/g/n sees a return of the glitching, returning to just b clears the glitching.
I sent the HiBook Pro to work with my wife today so she can use it all day.  Here's hoping it stays clear.
It's a clear defect if it can't cleanly run wireless g or n but I honestly don't think my wife would notice the difference.
I'm also contemplating a tiny USB wireless adapter.  Could be $15 solution.
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cabmonk| Post time 11-28-2016 12:14:15 | Show all posts
This is my first post and I've had my hibook pro for about 2 weeks. So far I like everyhting but was also having the same screen glitching. I have also realized it was the wifi but when I started using a usb wifi adapter the glitch was gone. Also before adding the usb adapter one thing I tried and it worked for me was to turn on airplane mode. Sure it turns everyhtng off but then I clicked the wifi back on. So the wifi would still work but I noticed updates would not work with airplane mode on. Not an ideal situation but I haven't noticed the screen glitch once when the airplane mode was on and that was while using the tablet over several hours. I won't be returning it because i'm not getting the glitch anymore and everyhting else seems to be great.
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Nikojiro| Post time 11-29-2016 01:49:30 | Show all posts
Hi there, I just received my replacement HiBook Pro, and this unit doe not have the screen glitch issue, wheee... FYI I had a smooth experience with GearBest on this one, they refunded me promptly, and PayPal refunded the return postage, and when I went to purchase my replacement unit it was on sale!

For you guys who have this issue, it's definitely related to some shielding issue, and I'd recommend to have your unit replaced just as I did.
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MR-HiTMan| Post time 11-29-2016 05:33:25 | Show all posts
Edited by MR-HiTMan at 11-29-2016 05:38

hello all,

i just received my hibook pro form 2 days i was have the problem in touch screen and i resolved it by updating the BIOS 234 source that here in site and it's working good

but i found another thing it's not screen glitch but it's maybe something like that

i noticed some changes in screen brightness without any interference or modify in the settings or in the brightness and i make the brightness on 0%, 25% and 50% or 100%

I feel that the screen is doing a supply and minimize the brightness just alittle but when i see the brightneess it's same as i do but i don't know its just do it's every 1 minute but also do not know about solving this problem, I have tried many ways but I do not know a solution to it

so if anyone faces this problem i hope to tell me how can i fix it or what i do

this issus only on windows 10 system and i updated everything and andorid system working perfect without any problems
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Nikojiro| Post time 11-30-2016 02:46:02 | Show all posts

You should turn off adaptive brightness in the INtel HD settings (right-click on the desktop, and select "Display properties", then go to Power section)
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MR-HiTMan| Post time 11-30-2016 06:54:33 | Show all posts
Edited by MR-HiTMan at 11-30-2016 06:56

yea thanks i resolved it and this is i do

right-click on the desktop,and select the graphic properties - then power - u will found
(Display Power Saving Technology ) choose Disable and Apply u will found it working good with u
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OdiwaN| Post time 12-30-2016 12:35:35 | Show all posts

I thought this is a CPU Problem then i had the glitches after i updated the Bios. Now i know this is a realtek Problem. I solved the glitches with the original WiFi driver from Chuwi. I downloaded this driver pack here ... ypeid%26typeid%3D23
And used the driver from dir netrtwlans.inf_amd64_49462583e9deda4b.

Try it out for me it solved this at this.

So long
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rms| Post time 1-6-2017 00:30:40 | Show all posts
OdiwaN replied at 12-30-2016 12:35

I thought this is a CPU Problem then i had the glitches after i updated the Bios. Now i know t ...

I have received my Hibook Pro just before the New Year and faced the same glitching problem.
I have tried to restore factory settings as recommended by GearBest but it didn't help.
Lately i have updated network drivers from ... ypeid%26typeid%3D23 netrtwlans.inf_amd64_49462583e9deda4b but the problem is still the same. Nothing changed.
Have you all solved it already? and how?
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Steve113| Post time 1-31-2017 12:57:54 | Show all posts
Screen Glitching when charging? Ok when not plugged in.  
Go into settings battery saver turn of battery saver check box. If already disabled click on battery saver settings below uncheck  the 3 tabs.
Uncheck turn battery saver on if it falls below a certain percentage, allow push notifications from any app while in battery saver and  lower screen brightness while in battery saver. See if that works?
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datsice| Post time 2-19-2017 06:37:34 | Show all posts
This is shielding problem, on our forums we resolved it by disasembling the tablet and moving wifi antenna cable from display ribbon cable
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