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Don't buy H2 Pen

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yener90|Post time:1-4-2017 01:54:31 View:5262|Reply:11

Edited by yener90 at 10-31-2016 01:47


This product is sold as a stylus pen with 256 points accuracy.
But its completely wrong. It just one size, also it doesnt get detected properly from Windows, therefore you cant use it with any drawing apps.
On Android its a lot of worse.
Now after three weeks of little use the pen tip is broken.
Really poor.
Its not worth buying that tablet because of stylus.

Regards yener90

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cheaman| Post time 10-29-2016 09:32:47 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
The stylus is a complete waste of money on my HI10 Plus. My finger is more acurate! It does not work properly in Windows or Remix OS.
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schamu| Post time 10-30-2016 04:05:24 | Show all posts
Edited by schamu at 10-30-2016 04:06

I agree... HI10 Plus user here... HiPen H2 has very inconsistent functionality in Windows and completely useless in RemixOS... as reported in my thread HERE
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Domengo| Post time 11-6-2016 13:47:58 | Show all posts
The same for me, it's obscene; I Said this to Emily here. No feedback anymore.
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Chuddywoody| Post time 11-6-2016 14:41:48 | Show all posts
I would not recommend the pen at this time. It does seem to have issues at the moment.
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Jerr| Post time 11-21-2016 09:46:58 | Show all posts
Agreed, the stylus is unusable and falsely advertised. I chose the Hi10 Pro because of the stylus myself and am very disappointed.

Aside from lacking any pressure sensitivity as was advertised, the pen is generally unusable; finger-drawing is more reliable and faster and smoother. The pen can't even be used to navigate because when it is slightly above the screen it registers "click"s erroneously and at a very high rate. In Android and Windows and the boot selection screen the pen jumps in 2mm increments with a uselessly slow update rate. In Linux you can see why: the pen actually communicates its location fairly fast, but it has piss poor accuracy; holding the pen steady, the cursor jumps around randomly with HALF A CENTIMETRE radius!! An unbelievable magnitude of error. Chuwi's driver for Windows and Remix is designed to take large samples and filter to guess the pen's actual location, it seems; hence the horrible spatial/temporal precision. The pen also can't move in straight diagonal lines: the path oscillates sinusoidally when not drawn along a major axis.

Microsoft's Journal application is very clever, and *almost* good enough at path prediction/correction to make the pen usable. Unfortunately the extreme driver filtering makes the pen too slow and imprecise. If Chuwi could tweak the driver for higher rate & precision (less smoothing, lower accuracy) then the pen could be useful in good note-taking apps, but right now there's no way to use it at all.

Maybe I'll write my own input filter so I can at least make the pen useful in Linux
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pieter| Post time 11-22-2016 12:17:14 | Show all posts
I do have the H2 pen with a Hi 10 Pro...
Only thing not working is Sticky Notes in Windows 10.. seems a Micorsoft Windows issue
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menthe| Post time 11-23-2016 01:38:22 | Show all posts
Edited by menthe at 11-23-2016 01:43


I have this pen with a Hi10 pro and sadly it doesn't even work (the pen tip does absolutely nothing while using the pen body I can write ... xD)

When checking windows 10 system panel the line concerning pen and touch functions says that the tablet screen have only touch functions with 10 touch points capacity (but no pen)

Can you check on yours @pieter and post a screen of your system panel ?

Thank you in advance

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pieter| Post time 11-24-2016 06:45:07 | Show all posts
Same here but what i learned from Microsoft is that is what any system will tell.
To have a pen with "pressure sense" you will need a bluetooth alike pen that uses a driver in windows. There is no connect between H2 and Chuwi notebook whatsoever. Pen and Ink will also not show up in your device list.

It is a stylus. No more no less and it is more accurate that your finger. Certainly when working Windows 10 in tablet mode, it comes to use. (tiny icons and such.)
I see no use for it in Android other than some fun stuff and stupid drawing apps for kids. But it works.

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puddleglum81| Post time 1-4-2017 01:54:31 | Show all posts
Why was it advertised as having 256 points of pressure sensitivity?  I did notice the nib does not flex or depress into the body at all, there is no 'give' which would indicate it isnt designed to sense pressure... I wasted about 30 Euro in total on this including shipping and then a further 30 Euro on duties and taxes once it arrived.  60 Euro on a 'stylus'.  What a ripoff.
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