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Has anyone ever heard from Chuwi support??

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nobodypanic|Post time:5-14-2017 21:19:40 View:1206|Reply:13

I have opened 3 tickets with Chuwi support, and have not heard back from any of them, not even an auto response to let me know they recieved the ticket.    Someone responded to one of my posts in the Hi10 forum stating they have had the same issues as I with their tablet and have not had any response from Chuwi in 6 weeks.  
Is there any support at all from this comapny?!  The content on the support page seem like a joke now. Saying there is phone support if you support a ticket.   Even the live chat link is fairly usless,  it just directs to their twitter page.

I am a bit angry.


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NightWatch| Post time 11-12-2016 05:12:59 | Show all posts
They do respond to you actually. I've sent them a support email and a month later they responded with spam emails about their new tablets. Chuwi has an awesome support strategy. They just ignore you.
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cheaman| Post time 11-12-2016 13:35:59 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
They responded to me once when I had a question before I purchased my tablet. After purchase I've sent 3 more support ticketsand not one reply!
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nobodypanic| Post time 11-13-2016 14:33:19 | Show all posts
I see a trend here....

One thing that tends to work great for companies is brand loyalty, people spread the word about the products,  they buy more of the companies products.  But why should any of us be loyal to a company that offers no support at all?  
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deejay1963| Post time 11-13-2016 16:41:36 | Show all posts
Edited by deejay1963 at 11-13-2016 16:43

Zero support. I see only a few enthusiasts here who help out in the forums. And now even they are losing interest in chuwi. Queries are piling up, with nobody to solve them or even reply.

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NightWatch| Post time 11-14-2016 05:31:50 | Show all posts
They don't even respond to this topic? Fuck it, I'm just gonna start telling people everywhere not to buy any Chuwi products. I've got a lot of free time and forum memberships Chuwi. You asked for this and I'm gonna make you pay.
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Tjabas| Post time 11-14-2016 07:13:42 | Show all posts
i have the exact same problem, they do not respond, i have warned in many forums now about this shitty support and shitty tablet.
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alesi80| Post time 11-14-2016 07:52:42 | Show all posts
I tried to have answers a lot of time, but I got nothing.
Their product have an excellent specs/ price ratio, but the complete lack of support will make them fail... I am quite happy with my hi12, but I will never suggest anyone to buy from them.
For example In 6 months we got no updates on android, nor solutions to easily (for them) fixable problems, such as bad touch responsiveness on android or metallic keyboard bug (always on)....

In a few words: wonderful, but never again...
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nobodypanic| Post time 11-14-2016 13:58:59 | Show all posts
I finally got a response.  I think posting on their facebook page  in a lot of different locations with angry replies and responding to a number  tweets finally  caught their attention.
I am still annoyed.  I should not have to bombard their social media to get any kind of response.

I have been told by the Chuwi facebook person that they were working on the freezing problem and when someone from service responds,  this is the response I get.

Thanks for your support for the CHUWI tablet pc .

For the problem with Frozen when use the SD card .
1. please recovery the factory in the Remix OS and format the TF card
2. if still not OK, please download the remix OS and install again

I had already done step one,  but no idea about the next one,  the instructions on the forum are not very clear.  

The instruction or information how to do this are mixed in with doing a dual boot windows/android and seem to assume you have done this kind of thing before (i dont mind doing this kind of stuff , but tablets are new to me), plus I just need to reinstall remix os.

Plus even on the insturctions thread there is someone that says they are still having freezing issues with SD cards after its reinstalled.

blah No idea if the OS reinstall only will fix the problems at hand.  

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mlonghurst| Post time 5-14-2017 21:19:40 | Show all posts
Chuwi has one of the worst support sites and organisations of any manufacturer I have ever known, simply because they ignore everyone and on the very rare occasion there is a response it is totally gobbledygook and no one can understand what they are being told.  There could and should be a very straightforward web site with various drivers and tools to help people recover from the problems they experience with their Chuwi products, but there is not.  Chuwi try and use the Support Forum to sell products and not to help existing customers.  After struggling to use our Chuwi Hi10Pro Tablet I can honestly say it is probably the worst Tablet I have ever used and is totally unfit for it purpose and is the company that sells it.  After only a few weeks our Chuwi Hi10pro is being consigned to the bin.  We did consider selling it, but I could honestly never look at myself again if I took someone's money for something that rarely works properly.  My advice to anyone considering a cheap Tablet, is to look elsewhere and buy from a Brand that offers decent levels of support because Chuwi offer absolutely non.
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