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Has anyone ever heard from Chuwi support??

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nobodypanic|Post time:7-31-2017 07:58:47 View:1209|Reply:13

borgqueenx| Post time 5-17-2017 06:01:37 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Its simple, chinese sellers work by pure business. We customers are expected to do the same. File credit card claims and paypal disputes when you can and annoy them. This is how they get back to you. Its just the way of doing business directly with china.
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Techdragonz| Post time 5-17-2017 14:25:58 | Show all posts
Well, there is a reason this forum exists. It's made for helping people too. We "mods" are here to help people too, and generally speaking we do help, and we do report the issues to chuwi themselves as we are in direct contact.

If you have any issues, just post them in the forum, we'll try to help. And if we cannot help, contact them via mail. They opened new repair centres in Europe, doesnt that already show initiative? It is getting better, it just needs some time.
Truth be told, every chinese brand has this 'issue' and it is being worked on!

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Alrex27| Post time 7-4-2017 04:33:10 | Show all posts
Well after two weeks they answered me, follow my tales here

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JK/SF| Post time 7-31-2017 07:58:47 | Show all posts
I think this is a big problem with Chuwi, especially for American buyers. The Surbook Indiegogo success may drive this point home since a lot of people gave their support to Chuwi and they expect the same level of support in return. If they don't soon start offering helpful support, Chuwi may show up in the hall of the disappeared. That would be sad because they seem pretty good at continually evolving designs with incremental improvements (except for the insistence at including screen resolutions not really suited to the processor performance). You might want to look at other Chuwi forums at other sites. Sometimes, there is good information there, especially at the Australian sites, but you have to dig.  If Chuwi employees happen to read this, here is a plea from me. Please stop calling the N3450 a powerful processor. It is not, but it is adequate for those that don't need a powerful processor. There is no reason to lie about this.
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