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USB port problem

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JoeToner|Post time:12-9-2016 13:28:03 View:1168|Reply:7

My Vi8 plus tablet is having the same problem as the one described by other users and as shown in the video below:

Basically, simple devices (i.e. USB flash drive, mouse/keyboard etc...) will not work unless external power is provided.

Please provide a solution as it is not always convenient to have to use a USB hub AND an external battery to perform simple operations such as using a USB keyboard/mouse, or opening a document from a USB drive.

Thank you.

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Aziz| Post time 11-27-2016 00:20:07 | Show all posts
Mine with type c otg works with mouse and thumb drive.  Event I can print direct from my chuwi.
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JoeToner| Post time 11-28-2016 23:47:16 | Show all posts
It's nice to hear that it works on some tablets.
Which type C adapter do you use to connect your mouse?
I'll try it on my tablet  so I can let others know whether it fixes the problem or not.
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Aziz| Post time 11-29-2016 18:42:11 | Show all posts
Edited by Aziz at 11-29-2016 18:47

I am using vention type c otg. I bought it from lazada

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ian| Post time 11-29-2016 22:05:41 | Show all posts
Edited by ian at 11-29-2016 22:14

that usb  type c male to type a female  adapter is usb 2.0 which aziz showed us here. fortunately, vi8 plus has usb 2 port thats why it works fine. other people didnt recognize they were using usb 3/3.1 like what joetoner's prob and the link of the vid he gave us, the guy face the same kind of problem..

looking at usb 3/3.1 you will notice its blue color inside.. and a sample of usb 2 is the one aziz posted here.

usb 3/3.1 will only work when you want to install windows/ flash bios on first boot. but not while you are inside windows. it will never read flash drives or other device using usb 3 adapter even its backward compatible with usb 2..
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ian| Post time 11-30-2016 07:50:06 | Show all posts
hi guys!! im not pretty sure but, i updated windows (insider preview builds) and just awhile ago, i plugged in my usb flash drive using a usb 3 adapter, windows recognized it...
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JoeToner| Post time 12-1-2016 07:54:17 | Show all posts
Thank you Aziz, I will order the adapter you mentioned, and as promised I'll let other people know whether this issue is related to specific differences between OTG adapters or to a manufacturing defect on some tablets.

I don't think it is due to USB differences between 2.0 and 3.0 since my adapter works just fine in windows, but only if external power is provided to the adapter via a USB hub and a USB battery for example.
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JoeToner| Post time 12-9-2016 13:28:03 | Show all posts
As promised, I'm posting an update to my original post regarding the issues I experienced with USB devices using a USB type C adapter.

I followed Aziz's recommendation and purchased a high quality USB C to USB female cable adapter. It is not the same as the one shown in the image above since I could not find it on amazon, but it is very similar; it is also rather expensive so I'm assuming its quality is good.

Anyway, I've plugged it into my Chuwi Vi8 Plus, and it worked straight away without any fuss. It is powering all of my devices, USB mouse, USB keyboard, pendrive, external hard drive etc..  I even connected a generic USB hub and connected the charger to it. I can now use all my USB devices and even charge my tablet while doing it if I need to.

It turns out my problem was due to using a lower quality USB adapter, and I'm glad to report that there is absolutely nothing wrong with my Chuwi tablet. I truly think the Chuwi Vi8 Plus is a great product for its price!

My only two complaints are the lack of reply from Chuwi's support staff (I contacted them via the website contact page), and the lack of 64-bit WIFI drivers support for my version of the Vi8 Plus (model xx1607). But then again we have an awesome Chuwi forum with lots of people willing and able to help, and maybe some smart engineer might even find a way to create a compatible driver for the wireless adapter which will make it possible for older Vi8 Plus models to install a fully working version of Windows 10 64-bit.  
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