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Does Screen Protector (Tempered Glass)interfere with the hinges when open close?

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mercu|Post time:4-20-2017 16:47:26 View:1572|Reply:10

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viniciuspt replied at 4-20-2017 09:44
For me it is not the care of removing tablet from ! I need to make a "force" to fit the tablet at  ...

Trust me my friend, it fits PERFECTLY!

I even applied it 2 times (because I bought not only one but 3 of them).

The first time, I was stupid enough to not check that Chuwi Hi12 actually came with a  pre-applied plastic SP so I applied this tempered glass on top of that SP and you know what?

I couldn't even see any difference... There was no bubbles - like at all. It was so perfect that I actually walked around and used that double layer of SP for like at least 3 or 4 weeks - until I one day realized:

"Holyshit, there are actually another layer of plastic SP underneathe the one I applied", and I found it out just because Chris from TechTablets mentioned about it during one of his reviews.

So yeah, I went a head and removed both of these layers and then ordered 2 other SP from the same link I sent you. So the second SP came, I applied ... again, and this time, no bubbles either.

Btw: You should also know how to properly apply SP, follow this guy's method:

This is a genius way of applying SP and you will never get bubbles by doing that. Second time I applied my Hi12 SP, was the same result like the first time, not a single bubble.

I'm superhappy. I have the third SP coming in soon - just gonna have it as a backup in case I one day might need it but for now, I rocking solid with the tempered glass I have right now.

Good luck!

EDIT: I never ever have to "push it" into the keyboard dock, it just slides in smoothly without any need of force. The magnets and gravitation are doing all the work. I just slide it in, see that the orange light on the keyboard dock lits up and I know it's all set.

The only part where I have to worry about is whenever I have to remove the tablet from thet dock, then I have to be very careful to not scratch the SP if I use too much force to lift it up but so far it has not been any problems with that either.
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