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Strange problem

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alsthom|Post time:11-28-2016 06:15:41 View:570|Reply:0

I have the Hi8 tablet from February. I didn’t have any problems …till yesterday
I will try to describe it becouse my english are bad.
So, it seems that some buttons are “stucked”. I mean the touch buttons. I press one (let’s say the home , or back or all apps). Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. There is a delay (as I understand) and then tablet starts to work itself!!!!  Scrren is going up and down, settings menu is opening and closing WITHOUT ME! By itself!!!It’s like somebody is using my tablet with remote control.I thought there is a virus so I did a factory reset. But I have the same problem!!!!!
The same with windows It seems that home button doesn’t work when I press it….and after some time it start work without pressing it!!! So I must have problems with touch…..
I read somewhere about digitizer. As I understand  digitizer is the part of the hardware that is responsible for the touch?
Do you think I have problem with digitizer?
I hope you understand my bad english….
What do you think is going on?
It’s like possesed!!!!!!


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