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Drivers Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter

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gregorio|Post time:2-25-2017 14:58:02 View:2052|Reply:3

He hecho una restauración de windows 10 en una chuwi hi8 pro y no me reconoce el adaptador wireless. El mensaje que me da es: "El adaptador Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter está experimentando problemas de controlador o Hardware". Problema de hardware no puede ser, ya que funcionaba perfectamente antes de la restauración, pero no encuentro los drivers para actualizar el controlador. Por favor, necesito que me ayuden a encontrarlos. Gracias de antemano.
Hi. I have done a restore of windows 10 on a chuwi hi8 pro and I do not recognize the wireless adapter. The message you give me is: "The Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter is experiencing controller or hardware issues." Hardware problem can not be, since it worked perfectly before the restore, but I can not find the drivers to update the driver. Please, I need you to help me find them. Thanks in advance.


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Debzzzzz| Post time 2-23-2017 15:18:18 | Show all posts
I'm having the same problem - anyone with any ideas?
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technisol| Post time 2-24-2017 18:30:44 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 2-24-2017 18:56

How about doing a web search for "Broadcom 802.11n Wireless SDIO Adapter driver" or you could do what I did when I got my Hi8 Pro and go the Microsoft site, download the appropriate free version of Windows 10 and use the media creation tool to create an install flash drive or if I remember correctly, I put it on my SDXC card and ran it from there so it would use the SDXC for the disk space Win 10 wants to perform an install.  That way you can update to the latest version of Win 10 in one step.  I required no additional drivers or anything specific to the Hi8 Pro, told it to update them as it installed.  Not the quickest solution, but it did get me directly to the then latest version despite a lack of disk space in the Emmc flash drive.  If you search the forum, you'll find more info as I did about how others have done the same.
I have the 32 bit Windows 10 Home Version 1607, build 14393.693 on my Hi8 Pro at the moment, and the Broadcom driver is Version 1.569.0.0 dated 1/11/2016
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Vedran| Post time 2-25-2017 14:58:02 | Show all posts
Windows 10 Home 32-bit
Build 14393.693
Broadcom driver dated 23-aug-15 version 1.496.0.0 working perfectly fine. Maybe I can extract the driver if you still need it.
Owner of miraculously revived Hi8 Pro ( PQ32G22151102244 )
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