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Unable to flash Android or Windows

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slyyyyyy|Post time:12-11-2016 01:17:47 View:826|Reply:0

Seems to be a pretty common problem, looking over the forums here, techtablets, and various forums with translating from different languages into English. Tablet suddenly decided to only go to EFI shell after shutting it down one day. Reflashed bios with version 206 and most recent 207, both succeeded. Each time when attempting to flash android back, it stops at 26% with an unable to flash due to partition.tbl or unable to flash due to GPT command failed, trying both version 1.0.0, 1.0.2, and 1.0.5 that was posted on their Baidu page. Windows also seems to not want to load. The Android flash provides "efilinux error no devices support file system" before going past 11% on MFT,  I'm thinking the 32 GB eMMC might just be dead some how. Not even sure why that would happen considering it was working fine before turning it off.

Any ideas? I'm not experienced enough to know how to edit the partition table if it some how is not correct in the Android rom for every single version.

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