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Enter Bios

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unjust63|Post time:4-7-2017 07:02:54 View:4793|Reply:3


How I can enter Bios?


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Hackerjac| Post time 12-20-2016 19:45:40 | Show all posts
i don't if it works, but on rthe tablets from Chuwi, we can press F7 or esc key when starting the device, to get to bios
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valox26| Post time 12-21-2016 09:36:30 | Show all posts
you have to press F2 or Del button. For me is one of the worst new bios ever seen.
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acutres| Post time 4-7-2017 07:02:54 | Show all posts
Esc or Del, before the Chuwi logo screen appears, and to choose the boot if you inserted a live usb F7, if you removed before the secure boot in the bios to boot usb legacy and not UEFI.
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