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Chuwi ebook stylus without pressure help!!

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nemo|Post time:12-29-2016 07:12:13 View:737|Reply:1

Hi, I'm new here.
I get a Chuwi eBook for christmas and I want to use it for drawing, but I cannot get the stylus pressure work at all...
I tested it with Paint tool SAI and Azdrawing but it work just like a mouse.
Can anyone help me, please??...sorry for my poor english anyway >XP

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nemo| Post time 12-29-2016 07:12:13 | Show all posts
I realize that work in MangaStudio and OpenCanvas 6 (but not in the version 5 or less)...
Anyone can tell me why not work in Paint Tool SAI or old OpenCanvas?
It's there anyway to fix it?
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