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Chuwi Hibox - First LOOK

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Unboxing and First Impressions

Device comes in standart brown cardbox like other Chuwi devices
Inside i found a black plastiv box, with the Chuwi loge in the middle and Intel Inside logo at the buttom
The box also contained a powersuply, HDMI cabel, a remote with USB reciver (can be used as air mouse), a bracket set so you can mount the
device on back of tv or monitor, there is also something Chuwi call use manual, i don't know what to call it
The device have 2 USB2, a standart SD slot, HDMI, 1 USB3, RJ45 for wired network, a power plug and a turn on button
It also have a little pin hole with a reset button, haven't tried thst one yet, so donno what it resets

First Boot

Started with booting to bios, nothing much there

Next, booted into windows, its pre installed with Redstone 1607
Strait forward, had to run setup as on all new devices
Then i took a look at the hardware
64 GB Toshiba eMMC, 4 GB Hynix single channel ram, running at 1600 MHz, Realtek Gigabit netcard and dual band Boardcom WIFI SDIO adapter 2.4/5 GHz
Here are some pic of network test

Wired network

5 GHz

2.4 GHz

Speedtest of eMMC

Have also testet some 4k clips on my AOC 4k monitor, using MPC-HC, some encoded in x264 23.976FPS and some in x265 23.976FPS both witg DD 5.1 sound, none of them would play smooth, the Z8350 just dosen't have enough power to handle it
Haven't tried the remote yet, but i think it would have been a better idea if the reciver was build in the box, i also wonder why Chuwi have desided to use standart SD card slot insted of a micro
But i find it running smoother in Windows 10 that the 2 Chuwi tablets i have

Comes like other product from Chuwi with Android 5
Diden't try much, just booted it up, no pre installed appz, can only connect to 2.4 GHz WIFI and wired, then it promted me with an update, i ran it and now i'm in an endless bootloop when it comes to Android
I do NOT work for Chuwi. Please DO NOT pm or email me with problems you may have!

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