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[HiBox] [Tutorial] HiBox Hero restore to factory (Android and Windows)

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Download the Android and Windows files from post 1 of this thread and extract.

If Dropbox is down, download files here insted

Start with Android (Warning this will erase any existing Windows installation so back up any important data first).

Format a bootable USB Flash drive to FAT32 and name it WIMPE.

Copy the extracted Android files to the flash drive. So you should have EFI folder, boot.img, cache img etc in the root of the drive.

Put the flash drive into the USB port nearest the corner of the box (furthest away from the SD card slot) and switch on the box, pressing the ESC key repeatedly until you are presented with the BIOS screen.

Change the boot order so that the first boot device is your USB flash drive, then save settings and exit.

After the reboot the necessary process will start and all you have to do is press the enter key when requested.

After the process is complete the box will reboot and start to populate Android and may reboot a couple of times in during the process.

You will then be prsented with the Android setup wizard. Complete this until you have a functioning Android setup.

Now to Windows

Format a bootable USB flash drive to NTFS (minimum 8Gb), naming it WINPE and copy the extracted windows files to the root of the drive, so that now you have the EFI, Boot, images folders etc.

Insert the flash drive into the same port again, reboot the box and get into the BIOS where you will again choose the USB flash drive as the default drive and save and exit as before.

Choose the WIN64PE option and the rest of the process will be automated.

The box may reboot a couple of times during the installation at which point you will have the normal Windows screen.

There will be a sysprep prompt pop up, so just accept the defaults at which point the sysprep process will start and eventually the box will switch itself off.

When you next switch on and start Windows you will be presented with the default first time Windows setup and configuration process.

Windows will automatically be activated because the product key is stored in the hardware,

Then reboot and ensure that both dual boot options work correctly.

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