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Awful Windows performance, even animations stutter...

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Springdale|Post time:1-24-2017 14:18:13 View:1944|Reply:12

Hello all,

Since getting my Hi12, I'm experiencing very bad performance under Windows. Android seems to work fine.

Basic tasks like opening a file explorer window or task manager takes 10-15 sec. Rendering a webpage is about 30 seconds. I have tried resetting windows. I have tried doing a clean install of the anniversary edition build supplied by Motobot, no help. Even window animations are stuttering. I haven't installed anything yet. Device manager shows everything is okay. I have run defrag to optimize my drive. Set both values to 5 in Intel Thermal stuff in power management settings.

My years old Vi8 Super performs vastly better with the same windows build, expect for that it is 32bit. I would love to try a 32bit Win10 on my Hi12 but due to the 64bit UEFI it cannot be done. or am I wrong?

Also, I have EFI Core Version 5.011, 08/04/2016 16:35:17, is that the latest or shall I update? I don't experience the infamous shutdown on low battery issue.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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technisol| Post time 1-11-2017 21:58:15 | Show all posts
Is it perhaps still downloading updates or applying them in background, or are there any performance hogging apps or modules or whatever running in task manager?

Did you have this problem with the tablet as supplied from the get go?  Is that why you updated, or did this come about after the update was applied?  You also mentioned you tried a reset, which likely lead to your having to install Moto's clean installation?  Is it possible that you are running on generic drivers and that you have to install drivers yet that somehow did not get properly installed?  My file explorer opens in about 3 seconds or less, that's about a 500% performance factor compared to what you're stating, something is sucking processor cycles or is very inefficient.  Are you sure you don't have it throttled back in performance somehow, either in Windows or BIOS?  Have you disabled power saving in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel?
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Act| Post time 1-17-2017 02:35:20 | Show all posts
have a look at these two guides

it should be night and day difference
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mercu| Post time 1-17-2017 07:12:07 | Show all posts
I don't know about your case but since I got the Chuwi Hi12 (got in recently), I haven't noticed any lags yet. It has been very smooth for me running both Windows and browsers.

I'm using Edge because it wont work as nicely in firefox or chrome from what I have heard when it comes to Atom.
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Springdale| Post time 1-18-2017 02:33:10 | Show all posts
Thank You all, I have already seen this guide, but will read it again thoroughly.

Right now nothing has been installed just the Chuwi_Hi12_Win10_1607_14393.10_(for_Dual_OS_only) and all Windows updates, including a graphics driver update. Still, I'm experiencing sturreting in windows animations, especially then using the start menu in tablet mode or when using task view. I lowered the resolution and it solved the issue, but needless to say it is not optimal not to use an LCD display in its native resolution.

Also, in Edge, tabs are frequently not responding, then coming back to life after waiting half a minute, then not responding again...

I will soon upload a video to Youtube to demonstrate the problem.

Also, the video in Act's post mentions to increase the RAM frequency to 1600, I won't do that since I have read that 1) it can cause soft-brick since there is no way to clear the CMOS on the tablet, 2) RAM timings will loosen on 1600 so after all the change results in neigible performance improvement.
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mercu| Post time 1-18-2017 06:27:22 | Show all posts
Springdale replied at 1-18-2017 02:33
Thank You all, I have already seen this guide, but will read it again thoroughly.

Right now nothing ...

When you mentioned the problem in Edge, I think it has more to do with the wifi itself since it disconnects from internet.

I have the same problem with wifi disconnection. Everything is smooth but the wifi just disconnects randomly.

I thought this issue was solved long time ago but apparently not and I bought my chuwi very recently.

The BIOS version is from September with 0.51 something.

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Springdale| Post time 1-19-2017 08:14:13 | Show all posts
My WiFi connection is fine. It is just that tabs stops responding regularly...
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technisol| Post time 1-21-2017 22:23:24 | Show all posts
When you say you "lowered the display resolution", do you mean you actually are running the display driver at a lower resolution, or that you've gone to Settings: Display and then selected "change the size of text, apps, and other items:" to say 200?  That's a pretty normal adaptation for a physically smaller screen with a high resolution and does not actually lower the resolution, just forces Windows to render at 200%.  That's what mine runs at anyway.  Others may be comfortable with 150%, I prefer to be able to see my text without a need for straining my eyesight unnecessarily.  At 200% one can fit a lot of text across the display on the Hi12, at 100% text is miniscule at best!  You can bet the text is also scaled on my Hi8 Pro, or I'd need to carry around a magnifying glass!

I don't believe letting Windows render it's interface at 200% means it can't display other content at up to the resolution of the display...  I think images and video are automatically shown at the highest resolution available or scaled depending only on the display program.   Otherwise there would be no need for a separate Resolution setting under Advanced in settings.
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Springdale| Post time 1-23-2017 03:20:15 | Show all posts
When I said I lowered the resolution I meant that I changed it to 1366x768 in Intel graphics options just for a test. I did not confuse display resolution with DPI settings ;)

I'm afraid that the integrated GPU is struggling with the 2160x1440, that is why even Windows animations are stuttering at times, and perhaps my Vi8 was butter smooth because its display had a 1280x800 resolution so it needed much less horsepower to render the GUI.
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technisol| Post time 1-24-2017 14:18:13 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 1-24-2017 14:19

Just checking.  My Hi12 runs at 2160x1440 with scaling set at 200% and I'm not having the issues you are.  For example, opening a file explorer window takes about 3 seconds from the time I click on the icon, and you report it may take your system 5 times longer...  Sounds like something is up, unless you have a lot of CPU cycles doing something else in the Task Manager.

It's not the GPU or the screen resolution unless you have changed or set something I can't think of at the moment.  Granted, I don't have a bunch of processes or apps running at once, typically Chrome browser with 3 to 10 tabs open, maybe an app or two in the background.  My paging file is set to allow win 10 to manage it, I know some people have reported serious issues if they tried to set it to a self managed value of their own choosing, so that might be something to look at as it's a pretty common thing for old hands to try changing and apparently can lead to a lot of thrashing and CPU cycles being taken up in Win 10?

I also have a Hi8 Pro and I was worried the 1920x1200 screen resolution might slow the Win 10 interface down, but it seems pretty peppy to me, about on a par with the Hi12 -though honestly, I usually have it booted to Android.  Neither machine is doing anything in Win 10 that seems slow as far as the Win 10 interface is concerned.  Again, I am not usually running anything too intensive on either, probably most demanding would be PhotoShop on the Hi12, but it seems to run well enough by itself.

Best of luck!
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