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Awful Windows performance, even animations stutter...

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Springdale|Post time:4-13-2017 20:28:10 View:1943|Reply:12

juancas| Post time 4-11-2017 13:25:32 | Show all posts
From my experience, buying a Chuwi equipment is like buying a can of fish with no expiration date, you risk something good or something that you have to throw in the trash after a tasting.

Chuwi has not bothered to work many aspects of his equipment, releasing different versions that cause problems and a null technical support.

In that section, I can say, that one pays expensive other equipment, for having post sale support.

Chuwi is not bad, just not consistent and the work they do, lets want.
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mercu| Post time 4-12-2017 10:40:28 | Show all posts
Edited by mercu at 4-12-2017 11:36
technisol replied at 1-21-2017 22:23
When you say you "lowered the display resolution", do you mean you actually are running the display  ...

Thank you so much technisol for this amazing tip about 200 percent text setting!

It opened up a whole entire world for me since I don't get pain and tired in my eyes anymore when sitting with tablet for more than 1 hour.

Finally, the 12 inches screen doesn't feel too small for me anymore.  Everything feels better now with this setting.

Edit: I feel like it's even less lag now than before, maybe placebo effect? but anyways, it feel smoother and it also helps me alot whenever I use it as tablet (touch) since icons and everything is bigger so you dont miss out any clicks. And if you use it on touchpad, you dont have to drag the mouse arrow as much like before.


If you have any other advice or tip which you did to your chuwi Hi12 (in Windows), please don't hesitate to share with us Thank you once again!

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technisol| Post time 4-13-2017 20:28:10 | Show all posts
Glad it helped.  I love the resolution of the Hi12, but without text scaling everything is ridiculously tiny, IMHO.  Squint if you like, but the eye strain will catch up with you eventually.  My Hi8Pro would require a magnifying screen protector!  Frankly, 80 characters per line is my preference.
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