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USB fast ethernet and power supply

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maxsre|Post time:3-6-2017 05:39:29 View:819|Reply:1

Hallo everyone,
I have a tablet Chuwi Vi8 plus (single boot version with Windows 10 Home) and l need a hub usb-c with ethernet integrated that can allow me to charge the tablet and recognize the fast ethernet at the same time. Can you help me to find a compatible model of hub usb-c?

I've tried many ways , but whitout any success. Here below l list my tests and the materials used:
1. Hub USB 2.0 model Kraun KR.3R with power supply 5V 2A and adapter USB A-C model Aukey CB-A1-2b + USB ethernet model D-Link Dub-e100 => the tablet doesn't get charged but the cable connection is ON.

If l add a cable Y to add power supply to the tablet (l had used the original power supply of the tablet Chuwi), the tablet is powered but the USB ethernet is recognized only if connected after the boot. When the tablet turns on, the USB ethernet is not recognized.

2. Hub USB 2.0 with ethernet integrated to the model LogiLink UA0174 with power supply 5V 2A and adapter USB A-C model Aukey CB-A1-2b => the tablet recognizes the USB ethernet but it's not powered.

3. Hub USB 3.0 USB-C model Aukey CB-C32 with integrated ethernet and power supply 5V 2A => the HUB USB is not recognized by the tablet.

Thank you very much for you help.

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Aziz| Post time 3-6-2017 05:39:29 | Show all posts
so far no otg hub with charger charge chuwi vi8 tablet. if you connect your otg hub with charger to your chuwi, the battery of your chuwi keep draining although the battery icon said it was charging.
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