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Android WIFI dropout even though WIFI is connected

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auschuwiuser|Post time:3-7-2017 19:33:57 View:1515|Reply:7

BIOS - E4D6_HI-122LP-234

BIOS latest BIOS update I can find is for an older version (.221 & .223).

Issue: When using Android the WIFI connection will drop out or lose internet connection even though full WIFI signal. Also no WIFI signal even if 1m away from WIFI router.

I need a fix for this soon, tablet is worthless with almost non-existent WIFI connection. I like the size, don't want to send it back.

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technisol| Post time 2-1-2017 07:30:11 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 2-1-2017 07:38

How are you connecting to the router?  What settings WEP, WPA2. etc?  Have you tried other settings?  What router?  Have you tried it on other networks with a different router?  I may be wrong, but it seems like the majority of people I've seen complain of this issue seem to be European geographically.  I remember a few years back there was a major issue with KOBO ereaders not working with a particular, I believe German branded, router that was supposed to be the next best thing.  Don't recall more than that, but it may be worth a little searching around and trying it with different routers.  Routers are cheap today.
Are you actually getting better signal strength when booted in Windows in exactly the same spot?  Have you tried telling Android to forget the connection, or all connections, or a factory reset of Android?
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fortikeco| Post time 2-1-2017 14:05:51 | Show all posts
Edited by fortikeco at 2-1-2017 14:26

Well I am living in europe and no problems with wifi (using wpa2 connection) on my hi12. The first-time use felt slow, but by disabling bluetooth Wifi is just doing fine in Android and Windows.
Actually it says it has better signal than my samsung phone.
btw I've got the same bios version.
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mercu| Post time 2-1-2017 17:15:01 | Show all posts
@auschuwiuser :

You wrote that you have this BIOS version: "
BIOS - E4D6_HI-122LP-234"

How did you manage to check which BIOS version you have? Which command did you put into windows or did you have to restart your tablet in order to check?

I'm asking because I can double check my biosversion for you since my tablet has perfect Wifi so you can see if it's due to biosversion or not.

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fortikeco| Post time 2-2-2017 13:31:01 | Show all posts
Edited by fortikeco at 2-2-2017 13:40
mercu replied at 2-1-2017 17:15
@auschuwiuser :

You wrote that you have this BIOS version: "

You can check your bios version by pressing F7 during booting (before windows/android begins to load).
This is how it should look like:

And here the results of my speedtest (to the internet, hi12 using wpa2 connection):

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mercu| Post time 2-2-2017 16:53:58 | Show all posts
Thanks for your info man! I followed your steps and I got the exactly same BIOS version but have you tried to disable bluetooth?

I got also very very slow internet in the beginning but after disable bluetooth, it got 2 or 3 times better!

And I think Chuwi has problem with wifi because of its metal casing which is a bit stupid design. If they want to make it metal, they should at least make sure to have thin plastic piece at the spot where they store wifi-card.

It's so common nowadays with so many tablets to make metal case but leave the wifi-spot to be plastic, but Chuwi didn't do that sadly

I got a solution though if you can consider to have something like this: ... =STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

It costs only 2 USD (inclusive shipping) and it's very small, you won't notice it even. The only downside is that one USB port will be occupied all the time but it's worth it if you want stronger internet.

And if you don't want to use it, you can just eject it and turn on your own wifi again, no harm done.

I bought one of these myself to bring with me everytime I travel cause you never know how strong wifi is at Hotels, etc. Will be a life savior.
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technisol| Post time 2-2-2017 18:32:41 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 2-2-2017 18:56

Mercu, the only issue with the Wifi dongle is that it's probably not going to work under Android because the Kernal will probably not have a driver for it.
You might get one to work with the exact same chip as the built-in wifi card.  For Windows any old unit with available drivers will probably work.  I have a similar wifi dongle, with the same manufacturer of the chipset, Realtek -but not the exact same chipset, as the one in the Hi12 and while it gets picked up and works great in Windows 10 it's a non starter in Android.  I guess it just ignores it because it has no drivers for it.(one thing Android could have learned from Windows)

By the way, my guess is that the Hi12 doesn't really require a partially metal back because the antenna is behind the plastic part of the front bezel around the display.  That may reduce the signal a bit if the router is directly behind the tablet, but I haven't noticed it being a big problem.  Maybe if you're a good distance from the router...

I'm still at a bit of a loss as to why it seems to work fine in Windows for some people yet they have a wifi issue in Android unless it's Android related in some measure, possiblty a combination of Android and how it does something wirelessly and the router in question.  Being a meter from a router and having trouble seems kind of crazy, like the antenna is disconnected or something...
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auschuwiuser| Post time 3-7-2017 19:33:57 | Show all posts
Edited by auschuwiuser at 3-7-2017 21:49

Sorry for the late reply. Tablet has been in a drawer for a few weeks now due to frustration. Same wifi issue in Windows, most probably hardware fault, but hesitant to pay 50% of a new unit just to send it for 'repairs'.

Bluetooth is disabled. Tried different wifi networks and same issue. Other devices in the same location has 99% wifi connection.

Currently looking at USB wifi dongles for Android, but think I'm out of luck.
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