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Chuwi hi8 pro don't turn on

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nyko84|Post time:2-6-2017 18:19:55 View:1271|Reply:3

Hi to all,
i've my hi8 pro with charge led off and cable connected, i've tried another cable and adapter , if i hold power on button it doesnt' to anyting, the battery voltage is 3.5volts....
It doesn't start with volume+ and pover...
How can in fix this problem? thank you...

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technisol| Post time 2-3-2017 17:25:25 | Show all posts
You could try directly charging the battery to get it over say 3.7-3.8 vdc or so and see if that allows it to start up.  It may be discharged below the point at which the protective circuitry cuts the connection allowing charging.  Be very careful if you choose to mess around doing so, the battery could be damaged if it got that low.
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nyko84| Post time 2-5-2017 07:15:31 | Show all posts
I've already tried, the battery is at 3.7vdc but when i press the power button anything appens, but the mobo become hot for 2 minutes, so something appen at tablet...
Thank you for answer, i've checked also the connection of all the flat and they are correctly connected...
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technisol| Post time 2-6-2017 18:19:55 | Show all posts
Edited by technisol at 2-6-2017 18:23

Not sure if the components are the same, guessing they might be as both are Z8300 based, but a number of users have had to buy a chip programmer and directly reprogram the BIOS on their Hi12, so perhaps a similar issue is possible on the Hi8 Pro?  Maybe worth having a look at the Hi12 forum and searching for "programmer" or "BIOS", maybe both.  Or it could be anything...  Nothing unusual happened prior to your issue?  No flashing the wrong BIOS or ROM?
Have you tried holding the Power button for 10-15 seconds, then three quick 1/2 second pause/presses...  Possibly followed by another 5 second press if needed to get it to start up?
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