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Android touch sensitivity - possible fix [Tutorial]

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Slada2|Post time:2-27-2017 12:24:13 View:7319|Reply:46

Edited by doodzilla at 2-21-2017 20:20


Maybe I have found a way to fix touch sensitivity in Android.

Before, I had to press hard to get my touch registered in the center of the screen. Typing on the keyboard was painful, every third letter was left out. Removing screen protector didn't help. In Windows I used mod to fix this problem, but there was no solution for Android.

My device is Chuwi hi12 with z8350. I am using rooted remix os 2.0 (from factory it came with stock Android 5). To edit files I used ES file explorer.

This is how I did it:
I added these lines to the bottom of /system/build.prop
  1. ##### touch ######
  2. touch.deviceType=touchScreen
  3. touch.orientationAware=1
  4. # (geometric, diameter, box, area)
  5. touch.size.calibration=diameter
  6. touch.size.scale=10
  7. touch.size.bias=0
  8. touch.size.isSummed=0
  9. # (amplitude, physical, none)
  10. touch.pressure.calibration=amplitude
  11. touch.pressure.scale=0.005
  12. touch.gestureMode=pointer
  13. # (interpolated, vector, none)
  14. touch.orientation.calibration=none
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Then I added these lines to the bottom of /system/usr/idc/atmel_mxt_ts.idc and ATML1000_00_4a_03EB_8C0E.idc
  1. touch.orientationAware = 1
  2. touch.filter.level = 0
  3. touch.size.calibration = diameter
  4. touch.size.scale = 1
  5. touch.size.bias = 0
  6. touch.size.isSummed = 0
  7. touch.pressure.calibration = physical
  8. touch.pressure.scale = 0.0001
  9. touch.orientation.calibration = none
  10. touch.distance.calibration = none
  11. touch.distance.scale = 0
  12. touch.coverage.calibration = box
  13. touch.gestureMode = spots
  14. MultitouchSettleInterval = 0.1ms
  15. MultitouchMinDistance = 1px
  16. TapInterval = 0.1ms
  17. TapSlop = 1px
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Then I rebooted Remix.

For me, this solved the problem. It might be useful for you, that's why I share it there.

And thanks Chuwi for providing files to reflash Android. I bricked four times Android when I was trying to fix this annoying bug.


Original code source: ... een-issues-t3172100


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Motobot| Post time 3-8-2017 03:49:51 | Show all posts
If someone could try this on a stock ROM, and provide feedback, I would appreciate it.


I tried your method on stock ROM 20160927-090911 few days earlier. It works. Touch sensitivity was normalized. Thanks.
I slightly simplified your method as best I could

1007.25 KB, Downloads: 97

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niekos| Post time 2-12-2017 02:01:40 | Show all posts
Interesting! Where did you find rooted remix os for hi12? And how did you install it ?
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Slada2| Post time 2-12-2017 02:49:43 | Show all posts
Edited by Slada2 at 2-12-2017 04:15

I downloaded official Remix 2.0 from this guide: ( ... 0_%28Dual_OS%29.rar)

Before I flashed it, I replaced these files:
boot.img - from ( ... Root_Tools.rar?dl=0)
flash-no-erase-all.json - from (!tgpShJyT!iKt3k ... YwGnz6p6pP7WxROl5SY)

I flashed Remix with Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite - Flash file: flash-no-erase-all.json, Configuration: Recovery
Yes, It worked on z8350! The windows partition wasn't changed.

I rooted remix using this guide:

The only things that does not work for me now are:
the rotation sensor, I "fixed it" using app Rotation control
Direct switch to Windows
Hardware "Windows" button
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Use magic Report| Post time 2-16-2017 08:27:11 | Show all posts
Edited by at 3-3-2017 13:40

*** EDIT:  There is a better fix in post #19 of this thread. I no longer recomment doing what follows in this post. ***

Here's how to do this on a the stock Hi12 with out actually rooting (temporary root).

I am telling how to do this, I an not telling you you should do this.

Not also that dm-verity is implemented on the factory Android.  After you do this, you will no longer have dm-verity.

So what is dm-verity?  Well, there is tons of stuff about it, but to make it really short, dm-verity is a way to make sure nothing has messed with system files. It essentially signs the /system partition.

We are messing with system files, so we break dm-verity.  How will this affect you?  Well first and form most, secure applications like Android Pay will no longer work.  (Not specifically too important since the CW Hi-12 does not have NFC), but other applications may check this as well.

It is possible that you could get infected with some future root-kit.  Consider this a temporary fix only.  Chuwi needs to fix this in an official build.

Note also that I changed only build.prop. These should be the only place these changes need to be made. Note also that there is disagreement in the different segments of code above.

Wanna know what all these settings do?  Read here:


1.  Install adb on you desktop computer.   (Skip if you have adb installed, or are OK with getting it from a non-official source.

a.  Go to
b.   scroll to the bottom, "Get just the command line tools"
c.  install the appropriate tools for your platform

2.  Use the SDK Manager to install only the Android SDK Platform-tools. un-check everything else.

3.  On Windows, you need USB drivers. These are the same as doing anything with this tablet using a Windows host PC, and is not covered here. Other OS's do not need the drivers.

4. Pull build.prop

./adb pull build.prop

You should have a build.prop in your current directory.

4.  Using a text editor on your host PC, add the lines from the above post to the end of build.prop.  Another Windows warning: This must be saved using UNIX line termination.  Do not save using Windows/DOS line feeds. If build.prop is unreadable, the tablet will not boot. It is strongly suggested that you keep a copy of the the un-modified build.prop. This should also allow you to replace it, and turn verity back on. If any file in /system is changed by a single byte, verity will fail.

5.  Remount the filesystem read/write. The tablet will need to be re-booted when you disable verity. See warning above.

./adb root
./adb disable-verity
./adb reboot

---- Wait for reboot

./adb root
./adb remount
./adb push <path-to-your-modified-build.prop> /system/build.prop

6.  Reboot to enjoy a better Touch Screen.  Your Tablet is not rooted, but it is /slightly/ less secure. (Note that Remix does not use Verity anyway, so you are no less secure than Remix or any other non-verity rom)

./adb reboot (or reboot using the power button)

Thanks to Slada2.

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Use magic Report| Post time 2-16-2017 10:17:52 | Show all posts
Sorry to reply to my own last post,but I wanted to say that I do notice an improvement.

It still seems that the touch screen basically does not work unless I am holding the tablet.

For example, if the tablet is on laying on the desk, I cannot even enter my screen lock code.  I must pick it up.

Yes, I understand what "Capacitive" means, but still, I do not think I have noticed this to this effect before on other tablets.

Has anybody else noticed that the touch screen does not work when the tablet is laying flat, or in certain other orientations?

I was wondering if perhaps my tablet has a loose or poor connection on the digitizer cable.
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Slada2| Post time 2-16-2017 14:13:16 | Show all posts
Edited by Slada2 at 2-16-2017 14:16

I included all steps I made to fix it, it is possible that only change in build.prop was necessary. And I didn't know that editing build.prop is possible without root, thanks for your guide!

I didn't noticed any missed input when I am not holding tablet.

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Slada2| Post time 2-17-2017 13:06:10 | Show all posts
I installed cyanogenmod12 to get f.lux functionality without lag (built-in blue light filter). Everything including touch is working normally without editing system files! The author says that there are some bugs with chuwi keyboard dock, but I don't have one. It is sadly impossible to install Cyanogenmod 13, because Chuwi didn't released source codes .

I used this guide: ... ok-hibook-pro-hi12/
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Use magic Report| Post time 2-17-2017 15:42:28 | Show all posts
If you are willing, can you please post the relevant part of the Cyanogenmod build.prop.

It saves me from having to either install Cyanogenmod or take apart the system image.

If it the touchscreen works well, and there is a similar part of build.prop, it will give us good values to put in the factory build.prop.

On Cyanogenmod, it should be easy to look at build.prop with root explorer.

Just a note also:  I don't have the keyboard dock either. I have too many BT keyboards lying around to justify buying what is essentially another portable keyboard.

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wickedsp1d3r| Post time 2-21-2017 09:44:36 | Show all posts replied at 2-16-2017 08:27
Here's how to do this on a the stock Hi12 with out actually rooting (temporary root).

I am telling  ...

Thank you for sharing this procedure. Feels like an improvement.
Hope there will be an official fix.
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Use magic Report| Post time 2-27-2017 12:24:13 | Show all posts
Interestingly, even after this fix, my Chuwi Hi12 (Android only) will not respond at all to a normal capacitive stylus.

Has anyone else tried this?  Do regular capacitive stylus's work on the Windows side (or Linux)?

To be clear, I am not taking about the Hi Pen, just the regular, cheap rubber tipped stylus's that are available for any capacitive touch device.
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