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[Hi10 Pro] Charging ports

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xoft|Post time:3-9-2017 08:14:39 View:2068|Reply:3


does anyone know whether the Hi10 Pro is supposed to allow charging through either of its USB ports, or does it only accept charging through the USB-C one? I'd like to buy an extra wall charger and I'd like to know if I can get a regular micro-USB one, or if I need to get the USB-C one. I tried a known-good-quality micro-USB cable with the official charger I got with the pad, and it didn't work, so now I really don't know.

If it accepts charging only through the USB-C port, it's a really unfortunate design decision - one couldn't charge it and use external accessories at the same time

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usagetta| Post time 2-20-2017 06:49:03 | Show all posts
unfortunately only the USB-C port is the charging port
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yamcenutzer| Post time 2-20-2017 10:06:15 | Show all posts
@Chuwi support:  What is the required charging profile?
The charging device I got with my Hi10Plus is mechanically defct and I need to replace it.

Since only the usb-c port can be used with an extra 1mm longer connector, I need to know if this device uses USB-Power Delivery, and if so, which profile?

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xoft| Post time 3-9-2017 08:14:39 | Show all posts
@yamcenutzer: I found out any USB charger capable of at least 2 amp output, together with a proper USB-C cable, can charge the device. My tablet draws around 1.8 amps when charging with screen on (idle cpu), 1.5 amps with screen off. I'm using a cheap USB charger capable of 2.4 amps and it just works.
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