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Keyboard dock quality question

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jtrosky|Post time:2-23-2017 08:41:26 View:1817|Reply:12

Edited by doodzilla at 2-21-2017 06:52

Hi all.  New Chuwi 12 dual-boot owner here.  I bought the device used and I'm finding that the newer version keyboard is absolutley horrible!  The device I purchased is less than a month old and looks brand new - but when typing on the keyboard, it sounds like the insides are about to fall apart or something!  And some keys don't register as well as others.  Is this keyboard just defective or are they really this bad?  Seems worse in the middle of the keyboard (I mean it's pretty loud when typing due to what sounds like loose parts inside).  But shaking the keyboad, this is nothng actually loose inside.  

I'm just trying to figure out if I should try and buy a new keyboard or if they are all like this....  I can handle some flex, but this is much worse than that.  Really makes the device very cumbersome to use.  Again, this is the newer aluminum gray dock with black keys...

Thank you!

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doodzilla| Post time 2-19-2017 04:54:03 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I've seen more positive reviews. Looks like you got  defective product. I recommend taking video and/or photo evidence of the product condition and email to as well as the customer service email of the online store you bought it from. File a dispute thru Paypal as well  if you paid through Paypal.
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jtrosky| Post time 2-19-2017 07:00:31 | Show all posts
Thanks for the response. Yeah, as of right now, the keyboard is completely ruining the experience of my Hi12.  I have the tablet docked most of the time and sometimes I would if it would be easier to just use the on-screen keyboard!  I'm CONSTANTLY having to backspace and correct issues due to keys not registering. And the way it sounds when typing is just horrible.

For example, pressing the "P" key is fine, but a LOT of the other keys cause a loud 'rattle" type of sound - it's like something is loose and vibrating when I press the keys.  The whole keyboard just feels like something isn't right inside.  Lot's of issues with the M key (doesn't register unless hit just right), space bar doesn't take if pressed on the far right and there is TONS of flex (along with that horrible 'rattle"sound when pressing most of the keys).  

Since I bought it used, I think I'll just spend the $50 and try buying a new keyboard.  If it's just as bad, I'll just return it and sell the Hi12.  

For comparison, I also have an Onda Obook 11 Plus, and it's keyboard is WAY better than this one.  Hopefully, it's just defective.  I'll report back after I get a new one.

Thanks again.
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Hackerjac| Post time 2-19-2017 07:04:08 | Show all posts
jtrosky replied at 2-19-2017 16:00
Thanks for the response. Yeah, as of right now, the keyboard is completely ruining the experience of ...

For me it sound defective, is it the plastic (brown alike color) or the metal (silver grey) you have ?
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jtrosky| Post time 2-19-2017 07:13:16 | Show all posts
It's the grey metal keyboard...  I've read that the original plastic keyboard (with the white keys) was really bad and was avoiding it.  But this gray metal one is absolutely horrble - I can't imagine the first one being *worse* than this!!!  I suspect that it is defective.  I'll order a new one and report back after I get it.
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technisol| Post time 2-20-2017 21:09:22 | Show all posts
You could always open it up and see for yourself if there is any way to make it better.  Or just pick up a nice bluetooth keyboard and ditch that heavy dock/keyboard...  I have one of the original Gold ones with white keys and because of issues related to the keyboard dock and lockups preventing powering the tablet on or off fully stopped using it quite some time ago.  Frankly, the bluetooth keyboards can be pretty good.  I've kept the dock only because it makes it easy to get into BIOS if I need to change something, but I suspect a USB keyboard might work as well.
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jtrosky| Post time 2-21-2017 05:41:24 | Show all posts
Honestly, the keyboard dock is one of the primary reasons I like these kind of devices.  Without a keybaord dock, the device is very un-appealing to me.  I like the fact that you can just close the device and take it with you - it's very portable that way.  I have absolutely no interest is having/using a separate bluetooth keyboard.  The keyboard dock also acts as a "case" and a stand.  I like having the integreated functionality of a keyboard dock.  I do really wish that they put batteries in the dock.  I mean instead of adding metal to make the dock heavier, just put batteries in instead so that it also increases the battery life of the tablet (dock charges tablet when docked).  Yes, it would be more expensive, but it just makes so much more sense!  

i have a new dock on the way, but I have a funny feeling that it's going to be very similar quality-wise...   I may end up opening the current keyboard at some point - I just hate trying to open these devices that don't use screws.  :-)  Or, if the new keyboard dock is just as bad quality-wise, I may just sell it.  The Onda obook that I have just seems so much nicer in terms of quality (but way-less 'hack-able').  Everything has it's pros and cons, I guess.  :-)
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technisol| Post time 2-21-2017 10:23:32 | Show all posts
I agree with so much of what you said.  I too had great hopes for the keyboard/dock and ordered it with my Chuwi.  Again, as you said, I would have been much happier if it had a battery, or the option at least, instead of weight.  In fairness, the battery is pretty decent IMHO, but I keep brightness cranked down to 15-20% most of the time.  My suggestion re: opening keyboard was predicated on mine having a bunch of screws holding it together, didn't realize that had changed, but I bet you could find a video or simply use a spudger and do little or no harm if you're gentle and it is in fact designed to be opened again.

My biggest complaint was the report that the being attached to the keyboard when shutting down was causing the tablet not to power down fully and causing battery drain and other start up problems.  Happened two or three times to me, and once was more than enough for me to seek another keyboard solution.

I so very much wish they had brought a thin keyboard/cover to market designed to work with a case with a folding support, or just had one on the tablet's rear to begin with, to hold the tablet up ala Surface...  I don't use the keyboard an awful lot during the day, so an OK portable solution that preserved the lightweight tablet idea would have been fine for me, perhaps with a better keyboard(bluetooth, etc.) to use when needed for long sessions.

The folio cover they produced could have come with an adjustable hinged support on the rear and a thin bluetooth keyboard instead of the plastic front cover and would probably have hit a sweet spot for many.  I'd have paid $40-60 for that, rather than a heavy clunky keyboard for which some complain of issues keeping connected.  Of course, that folio suffers from the plastic being a mite brittle and generating cracks near the tabs if you remove it even a few times.  I've gone through two in 8 months or so.
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hellodeibu| Post time 2-22-2017 00:52:41 | Show all posts
Actually, this sounds very similar to my experience. I purchased the Hi12 a couple of weeks ago with Keyboard (also the new one) and my experience with it is disappointing to say the least, with it not registering button presses very frequently unless I hit the buttons rather hard and in center of the button. I felt this was rather disappointing, as my purpose for the device includes the need of a physical keyboard.

Do others not have issues with the keyboard not registering all button presses unless you press them very firmly?
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technisol| Post time 2-23-2017 08:41:26 | Show all posts
I found the physical keyboard to be adequate, but then I'm used to using a Dell chicklet key style wireless at work and spoiled by my old Lenovo laptop/tablet convertible at home, and have a couple bluetooth keyboards for the Hi12, so I'm used to enduring varying levels of decency.
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